Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Mars and Venus

Do you ever find yourself thinking about the oddest, most random thought in the world? For some reason, as I was leaving school, I started thinking about men and women. What are the pros and cons of each? Which is it easier to be? Is one better than the other? If so, in what ways? Are we really that different? If so, how can we ever learn to understand each other? Are we really from other planets? Who's smarter?

I mean, come on! Where did this train of thought even come from? I tried tracing my thoughts backwards to see how it started... Something about I was leaving school really late, it was dark,

and I was the only person at school. I was wondering if there was a reason to be scared that some guy would be lurking in the shadows to attack me. Guys are lucky they don't have to worry about such things.

So, the question: well, any of the above.

My answer to part of it... Men don't have to worry about PMS-ing, or people accusing them of PMS-ing when they're having a bad day.


Rapunzel said...

Great question, Abigail!

I, for one, wouldn't trade with men - their problems and pressures seem harder to me for some reason. Besides, I like all of the "girly" stuff that comes along with being a woman. And giving birth...sigh...there is nothing that compares to that experience!

However, I hate the fear that you mentioned - worry about lurking men, the possibility of attach, etc. The vulernability of being a woman is so difficult.

gr said...

Become a black belt and worry a little less about dark bushes?

I am glad I am who I am, but I am lucky to say that.

Becky L said...

i like what rapunzel had to say.

one of my first thoughts was "girly things," like makeup, cool clothes, obsession with shoes, cute haircuts... etc etc etc. Though, guys have it lucky that they dont have to worry about those things [well, most guys]

as far as giving birth... i wasnt too keen on the birthing process, but having my baby grow inside was amazing. feeling the kicks, the hickups, etc.

One of Abby's posed questions: "who's smarter?" i really dont buy into the concept that boys are best at science/math and girls are best at english/history. Thats ridiculous. Everyone's their own person, w/ own preferences. i knew PLENTY of girls in school who were geniuses in math. And lots of guys who were great w/ english/writing.

'liya said...

It's great being a girl even with the PMSing - it gives us an excuse to act up once a month! -(and I do my fair share of acting up and milk it for all it's worth). I wouldn't want to be my guy and have to deal with me lol.

Abigail S said...

~Rapunzel and Becky L~ I, too, love the girly stuff! ... Though I can't agree or disagree w/ the whole childbirth thing- never experienced it.

~gr~ Maybe I would do the karate thing... But I'm sooo busy w/ teaching, working part-time retail, and blogging! Life is craziness!

~liya~ I would hate to be a guy and have to put up w/ a PMSing girl! But I do hate it when you're just having a bad day, and guys accuse you of PMSing. Can't a girl just have a stressed out, bad day?!

Michael C said...

I guess men just have to worry about being seen as insensitive or accused of being jerks. It's really a burden being seen as a jerk...

Abigail S said...

~michael c~ Guys are just seen as insensitive because they don't understand women. But heck- I don't understand myself half the time, so how can I expect a guy to? Sadly, guys are seen as jerks, often for stuff they don't realize they did. Ah, well. Such is life, I guess.