Thursday, January 18, 2007

About Me

First, you can view my Blogger Profile.

Below is more about me. Feel free to click on the link to "read my visual dna"

Finally, here is a list of 100 things about me. These are in no particular order; not most important to least important. It’s all just ‘stream of consciousness,’ as it comes to mind.

1) My name is Becky
2) I’m 25 years old [and counting]
3) My husband is Andrew [29 y/o]
4) My daughter is Erica [2 y/o]
5) I have a twin sister
6) She and I share the blog: just another quick question
7) I’m a stay-at-home-mom
8) I DID go to college, though
9) Someday I want to be a teacher
10) I live in Lancaster County, PA
11) I hate driving w/ the Amish horse-and-buggies on the roads
12) I’m Pennsylvania Dutch [Though, the ‘heritage’ of it has worn off by the passing of generations]
13) I aspire to write the allusive “great American novel”
14) I won’t tell anyone about my book idea; if I ever publish it, I will use a pen-name
15) I have red hair
16) My hair is currently growing long; I spend my days constantly putting it in a ponytail, taking it out, putting it back up, taking it out, etc
17) I have green eyes
18) I wear glasses—though they are currently [slightly] broken b/c my daughter yanked at them
19) When my fingernails get to a certain length, I tear them off
20) When I tear them off, I don’t even realize I’m doing it
21) My favorite color is green
22) When I was between grades 5 and 7, I wore green every single day… with the exception of St. Patrick’s Day
23) I don’t like chocolate
24) I’m not a huge fan of desserts, either
25) I like “real” food—give me a real Philly Cheese Steak any day!
26) My favorite meal of the day is breakfast [though I rarely eat a nice breakfast]
27) I am absolutely ADDICTED to coffee
28) I once tried to quit coffee, but couldn’t do it
29) Now, whenever I drink regular coffee after 5, I can’t fall asleep
30) MY LEAST FAVORITE THING IN THE WORLD—doing laundry! I’m serious about that
31) I kinda like spiders [but not big fuzzy ones]
32) When I was a kid, there was a ‘family’ of spiders living in our bathroom: a mommy, daddy, and little baby. I talked to them whenever I was in there. One day, they disappeared. I felt abandoned. [I was so lame]
33) I also have a brother, who lives w/ his wife, son, and daughter in Delaware
34) My mom and dad are great parents
35) I’m obsessed w/ shopping. I love to go to the mall, even if I need to drag Erica along
36) Money is a bit tight right now, b/c I’ve been spending too much $
37) I’m trying to put together a budget
38) I probably won’t stick to it, but its nice to hope that I will
39) I used to work at Victoria’s Secret: Beauty. It was a separate store from the regular ones; we just sold perfume and makeup
40) I’m a people person
41) I’m creative
42) I am extremely disorganized
43) I hate to clean
44) Sometimes, I think a room really smells bad, even though no one else notices
45) Hence, I love my Oust Fan
46) I often remember my dreams; a lot of them are quite exciting
47) My computer and Blogger don’t get along very well
48) I use Yahoo Mail
49) My homepage is My Yahoo, b/c I have it set w/ updates on TV, movies, weather, “,” and many other things
50) I am now half-way done, and I’m not sure if I can make it to 100
51) I’m like ‘vampire’ things: books, movies, etc. [As long as its not ‘gross’]
52) TV shows I watch regularly: The Office, Scrubs, America’s Next Top Model, Crossing Jordan
53) My favorite TV show is Heroes… it’s so good
54) My favorite types of movies aren’t chick flick [though I do occasionally enjoy them]; I like the kind of movies that mess with your head and make you try to figure out what’s going on. [Ex: Butterfly Effect, The Jacket, Secret Window, and anything by M. Night Shyamalan]
55) The last movie I’ve seen: Strawberry Shortcake’s Dress-Up Days. [My daughter is in love with it]
56) I like to live vicariously through my daughter [Ex: buying her Strawberry Shortcake stuff b/c I loved it when I was a kid]
57) My daughter and I do girly things, like paint toenails together [yes, she’s only 2 but has pink nails already]
58) I love to read… which is to be expected, considering I want to be an author
59) I’m currently doing Weight Watchers… Let’s see if I stick with it
60) I’ve recently lost 25 pounds
61) My favorite type of exercise is Pilates b/c its not harsh on joints and bones
62) Every joint in my body is too loose. B/c of this, they can get really sore from pounding against each other
63) I used to do a lot of running… but then my knee got so bad that I couldn’t even walk
64) I had to give away all of my high heeled shoes
65) I love shoes
66) Back to bones… I have an extra bone in my body. Really. Its above my clavicle [collarbone]
67) Sometimes, when it’s raining outside, my extra bone hurts. So do my other joints, like I have arthritis
68) I like getting flowers as a gift
69) I love ‘alone time.’ I rarely get it b/c I’m a SAHM
70) My family goes to Church Sundays, Mondays, and often in between
71) Yes, I’m a Christian, since I was 6
72) My husband and I are in charge of Sunday School
73) I’m part of a mom’s group that meets Fridays
74) We often do fun get-togethers. [Example: over Christmas, we all made cookies together]
75) I like to be the cook in the family.
76) Why? B/c I like to know what I’m eating and to know what’s in it
77) I try to cook things as “healthy” as possible
78) I’m obsessed with getting a lot of fiber in my diet
79) Sometimes, if I have too many dairy products, I’ll get sick
80) Thank goodness we have a potty upstairs AND downstairs
81) I’m trying to potty train Erica
82) I get very stressed out when she doesn’t want to
83) Erica and I will eat popsicles while sitting on our potties
84) Of course, they are sugar free and only 10 calories
85) I really don’t like candies that are “pure sugar.” Smarties? Gross, they get stuck in my teeth and I feel like I’m instantly getting cavities
86) I’ve only ever had 1 cavity
87) After a few days of using any toothpaste or mouthwash that is “whitening,” my gums start to get sores. Gross. So, no white teeth for me [which is a shame, b/c I drink so much coffee]
88) I never drink regular sodas. All of my sodas are diet; it just seems stupid to me to put calories into my body just by drinking something
89) Pepsi, not Coke
90) I very rarely drink alcohol; it seems too expensive, has too many calories, and gives absolutely no benefits except for making someone intoxicated. Throwing up in the bathroom: NO THANK YOU!
91) I don’t smoke either; I think its weird to put something that’s burning in my mouth
92) I’ve never done any kind of drugs either
93) No one in high school ever even offered them to me… but regardless, I would have said “no”
94) In high school, I had a pet snail for a science project; he was so cute
95) My hubby and I had pet fish, but they died. [In my defense, the tank’s filter broke, and I couldn’t buy a replacement part]
96) My favorite type of dog is a Scottish Terrier; I’ll never get one, though, b/c hubby is allergic and Erica is scared to death of dogs
97) I take Erica to the library every Wednesday for a toddler play time
98) I’m a bit shy around the other moms; I want to ask one of them to come over w/ her daughter for a play time, but I’m too nervous
99) My daughter is awake, so I need to leave
100) I successfully came up with 100 items about me

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