Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Not Another JAQQ!

Welcome to Another Just a Quick Question!

Some may ask, "Why a new JAQQ?" Some may ask, "There was an old JAQQ?" And others may ask, "What the heck is JAQQ?" I'll answer these three very important questions backwards:

1) JAQQ stands for... wait for it... wait for it... "Just a Quick Question!" TADA!

2) There indeed was an old JAQQ.

3) Now here's the long story!

I have a blog for my classroom. It has pics of my kids, tells cute stories, gives my real name and location, etc. I have it set up to be hidden from the world unless you know the exact location, which I give to parents. Well, I have that set up under a different user name in the NEW blogger! I also have a blog under my JAQQ name dedicated to my sister's and mine endeavers to diet (also hidden from the world). I invited her to be a member. Well, she couldn't join because JAQQ and diet page were under old blogger, and she is new. So I went to update those accounts to the new blogger. Well, STUPID me updated them to the same username as my teacher page. Augh!

So this created all kinds of problems. My profile was changed to the teacher one. No offense, but I don't want to hand out my personal info online. And I don't want each site being linked to the other. So I had to set it so you can't even view the profile. So, I could keep JAQQ, but if I commented on someone's blog, and they hit my name to see my profile, they couldn't. So no one would be able to find my blog. So (have you noticed I say "so" a lot!) I decided to start another JAQQ so others can find it.

I am not deleting the original JAQQ. You can still visit it to see some cool older questions. But everything new will be here.

So, here's my question: Did that make any sense? Aren't I stupid? and Do you want to be blogger buddies?


Clairissa said...

YESSSS!! I am the FIRST to comment on the NEW JAQQ.

I'm a "real" person, so gimme the links to all those "secret, special, for real people only" blogs you got goin' on, k? Becky has my email addy. :) :) :)

Abigail S said...

Hi there Clairissa!
I'll def. have Becky email you the link to my teacher blog. Top Secret!

Abigail S said...

Guys- I really don't anyone to be offended that I'm not making public my classroom blog. It's really for the privacy of my students. It has their names and pics in there. Parents would get quite upset if they knew I was giving that info to strangers.

Clairissa said...

I'm waiting at my inbox for Becky's email (hurry girl, what's taking so long?!). :)

And I think they all understand they're not as special as I am. If not, oh well. ha ha just kidding!

Dairn said...

Hey Abigail, long time no see! Good to hear you're back on the blog circuit. And yes, your explanation for JAQQ2 made sense. And no, I'm not offended by the secret sites. It's a smart move!

Anyways, catch you again soon, I'm sure...

Abigail S said...

Dairn! Good to see you, too!

Anonymous said...

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