Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Let Your Hair Down

I was hitting the "Next Blog" button the other day... seeing what was out there. Came across a cool blog by a chick who calls herself Rapunzel. She had a cool idea to list things that make her happy. I thought we could try that here.

So, everyone, what makes you happy? What gives you those little warm fuzzies on the inside?
I'll start off w/ a few:
1) My students. They may give me horrible diseases, but hey- that gives me a day or two off from work!
2) When my neice says "At Abby" (aka Aunt Abby). It melts my heart!
3) My bed. It's my favorite place in the world! Especially when I'm curled up in its warm blankets, reading a great book!
4) Spending time w/ my other neice and my nephew.
5) Snow days!


Rapunzel said...

Aw, Abigail, I'm so glad you enjoyed my Happy Post! :-)

Today I'm happy because of the baby ducks I encountered on my morning walk - there must've been 15 of them! That poor Mommy duck, she sure has her hands full.

Becky L said...

Hey there.
i'm thankful for "at abby." you've really helped me out... b/c erica loves you so much, if i tell her that you bought the outfit she's wearing, she wont undress herself and run around 'a la buff'

i'm thankful for nap times... not mine [though it is nice when i do], but when erica naps and i can get stuff done

i'm thankful for my espresso machine. ohhh, heavenly goodness...

i'm thankful for my computer, the internet, DSL, blogger, and all things related.

Oh, and i'm thankful for my car. On days when being a stay-at-home-mom gets rough, its nice to hop in the car and go on an adventure... mainly, to go shopping.

gr said...

Maybe I am very fortunate, but I have fun work, fabulous cats and dogs, and a sweet and wonderful wife. That makes me happy.

Abigail S said...

~Rapunzel~ Baby ducks are sooo cute!

~Becky L~ Hi Sis! Glad I can help in stopping Erica from being "a la buff." I love when my students have nap time! It gives me a chance to do stuff!

~gr~ Having a fun job is great. It's like having an adventure every day! It would be so sad to have a sucky job. :-(

thethinker said...

1 My friends
2 My family
3 Writing

'liya said...

I'm obsessed with grapefruit too!!! (sorry just read your last post!).

1. When my mom or dad wakes up early to start my car for me.
2. Wearing my warm clothes straight out from the dryer.
3. A nice warm hug from my loveyboy.

(In case you can't tell I'm really cold lol).

Michael C said...

Things that make me happy:
1. My four year old twin girls
2. Canned meats

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I really appreciate it!!

Abigail S said...

~the thinker~ I love writing, too. Actually, right now, my sis is writing a novel, and I'm her editor... It's fun!

~liya~ I miss my daddy for that reason. Now that I live on my own, there's no one to warm my car, and scrape the ice off it in the mornings. :-( I think I'll write an email telling pops I miss him!

~michael c~ I'm a twin! She and I run this blog together. Check her out at Adventures of Mommyhood (link on sidebar)