Friday, February 9, 2007

Doublemint Gum

So, I always had mixed feelings about the doublemint gum commercials that were on NON-STOP when I was growing up... Come to think of it- it's been years since I've seen a new one... Yay!

So, why, you ask, did I have mixed feelings? First- I thought it was kind of cheesy. But then, I'm a twin, so shouldn't I rejoice in the celebration of all things twin-like? I'm wierd, I know...

Anyway! So, the whole point of this post is to let those who are new to JAQQ2 know that there are, indeed, two authors of this blog: Me (Abigail S.) and my sis (Becky L.) I wanted to give you just a quick crash course on how to tell who wrote what post.

The easiesty way is to look at the end of the post where it says "Question posed by___." Easy, huh?! But here are some tell-tale signs...
  1. Abigail says "So" and uses ... WAY TOO MUCH!!!! Becky, on the other hand, prefers --
  2. Abigail uses proper proper punctuation and capitalization.
  3. Becky hardly every uses capital letters and the good old ' between conjunctions. She is, however, seeking to improve that.
  4. Becky normally [but not always] uses [ ] instead of ( ), and will italicize the text.
So far, I've written all of the posts. Well, kind of... I hacked into Becky's blogger account and posted Snow Emergency under her name, using her style of writing. But she's going to be posting more now. So, I wanted yall to know who she is! (oh, that's another one. I lived in Georgia for 4ish years... so I say "yall" a lot)

Well, I need to give yall a question:

What's your favorite gum?

Mine is not doublemint!

(And by the way, you can find out even more about Abigail and Becky by clicking on the corresponding links.)


Michael C said...

When we told the family that we were having twins, we did so with sticks of doublemint. I have actually never cared for the stuff much. Single mint may have been ok. Mabye triple mint would be delicious, but double mint somehow missed the mark.

I find that I use... a lot. I think I just like using it to leave a lingering thought...

Becky L said...
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