Friday, February 9, 2007

"roses are red..."

Valentine's Day. That time of year when you are either:

a) intoxicated by the love of your life
b) wishing you had a different love of your life
c) desperately single and wanting a love of your life
d) livid by the whole idea of needing a love of your life
And of course, if you do have someone to share this special holiday with, what are you expecting from them? you know, even though you may not admit it, exactly what you want as a present. and if that significant other doesnt get it for you or gets something different, theyre in the doghouse.
so, what's your preference of v-day gifts?
1) it better be chocolate! i'm so sweet, and he/she should know it!
2) anything but chocolate... does he/she think i'm so fat that i just want food?
3) flowers. and they better be roses. beautiful roses, and lots of them. i'm worth the $$$
4) just a nice card. something from the heart. maybe a self-written poem...
5) dinner out. no distractions, just us enjoying champagne and a very elaborate meal.
for those single ones out there [just like abigail], think back to your last relationship that occured over v-day. either that or use your imagination.
******** UPDATE********
Hi, yall. This is actually Abigail S. I hacked into becky l's account to add this to her post! I'm evil, I know! I was just looking at the original JAQQ, and found that I had written a V-day post about my sucky past V-days. Thought maybe some of yall would want to check it out!


Michael C said...

The dinner part is a little tougher with twins. I made reservations for dinner and got a pretty big laugh when I told the restaurant reservation taker (probably not an official title) that I was making a romantic dinner for two adults and two four year olds.

daverichards said...

Valentines Day is almost here...and it's just a week away...well hey for some amazing resources to wish your loved ones just drop by my blog on Valentines Day and check out all that it's filled up with!!!

Rapunzel said...

Can I have both the card and the dinner out? ;-)

Abigail S said...

~michael c~ That's what babysitters are for!!! No, but really, that's sweet that you're taking your girls along! Have fun.

~davey~ Um, ok. This is totally the place for you to advertise.

~rapunzel~ Sure... you can have anything you want! Isn't that what V-day is all about?!

gr said...

Hey Abigail, try to get some rest and relaxation this weekend, too huh?

Becky L said...

i forgot to give my preference--

first of all, #2 was inspired by myself-- i HATE when someone gives me chocolate. grr...

Though many of the answers seem so nice, i'd go with #5. i've been so busy and overworked [being a stay-at-home-mommy is rough] that i could use just a night as a couple.

Abigail S said...

I realized I never answered the ? for myslef, either. Well, twice I have had a BF over V-day. Both those times, the guys didn't do jack squat! Pissed me off SOOOOO much!

My ideal guy would take me to a nice, romantic restaurant. But no flowers- I view them as a waste of money. All they do is die. It's actually quite morbid.

My love life sucks. :-(

Cathy said...

I think a self written poem would do it for me. It would probably, also make me have a heart attacke. After 34 years I know my husband is not a man of words, so getting that from him would be pushing the envelope to far! But oh, it would be sweet.

BTW, I am adding your blog to my sidebar links..

Abigail S said...

~gr~ rest and relaxation? HA! Not me... I'm a glutton for punishment! I work part-time retail 8 hours Saturday, 5 hours Sunday, plus I need to go into my classroom to prep for the upcoming week! ... I know- I'm dumb!

~Becky~ I hope you and Andrew do get #5. Yall need the alone time.

~abigail s~ You're right- your love life does suck!

~cathy~ poems are the ultimate gift... but sadly, that just isn't the average man. I had a college Lit. prof who told all his girl students to never settle for a guy who couldn't write a good sonnet! ... Thanks! You're on mine, too :-)

Jennifer said...

Totally #1... I don't view it as "He thinks I'm fat." I view it as he knows me well enough to realize I CRAVE those boxes of misc. chocolates!
If he throws in #3, he's so getting lucky!

Abigail S said...

~jennifer~ You go, girl! Love those chocolates!

Mother of Invention said...

I'm combining comments from some of your recent posts! I was a mix of goody-goody cheerleader and hippie chick....I crushed on athletic guys and musicians! Married an athlete turned kids but have had impact on many classes of kids from Kindergarten to Gr. 7 over 26 years. Went in many times on weekends to prep for special days just like you. Loved the little ones cute! Gr. 6/7 boys had crushes on my younger days when I was 28! Almost retired now. Teaching was a great career...lots of work and stress, though. I did tons of music and played guitar! (wrote and recorded my first song in 2001, posted it this month.."From The Soul Within" which has had 1980 hits on You-Tube so far..what a thrill! Check it out sometime...sorry, I don't know how to do that link thing!)
Always needed those holidays to de-compress. Hope you had fun today with your little ones at school! Thanks for the visit!

Abigail S said...

~mother of inv.~ goody-goody cheerleader& hippy makes a good combo! ... Sooo true about the work and stress of teacheing (I'm feeling really stressed this month)... I'll have to check out that song!... I didn't have a good day w/ my little ones- it was a SNOW DAY! Awesome!

Nabeel said...

I think just the person's company is the best gift or the best time :)

Mother of Invention said...

Aw! Well, you'l just have to get them high on that candy tomorrow! We just had buses cancel. Teachers here have report cards due Fri.!! Yes, there's a wee bit of stress this month!!!

Abigail S said...

~nabeel~ That's very true... Time is best! Chocolates would be an added bonus! Yall could eat them together while snuggling on the couch!

~mother of inv.~ I plan on it! ... that is, unless school is cancelled again. The roads are really icy! Eek!