Thursday, January 18, 2007

Who Is Abigail?

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My 100 Things

  1. My name is Abigail S*

  2. The S stands for "single." So sad.

  3. I'm currently 25 years old. Even though I'm 25, people still look at me and think I'm 18. It is SO annoying!

  4. I have an October birthday.

  5. Nothing makes me happier than when I go out w/ the girls to a bar, and I don't get carded!

  6. I have a twin sister named Becky L. She's my best friend. (Awww!)

  7. My sis is the one who got me into blogging. I wanted to be cool like her! I decided to start a questioning blog because: 1) It's unique and original (or so I think) and 2) It's research for a book I want to write one day.

  8. Becky and I have never tried switching places. We're identical, but there are still enough differences between us to make the venture be unsuccessful.

  9. Though we once did convince some kids that we were actually triplets. The "other one" was named Gertrude.

  10. I have an older brother named Tim.

  11. I'm an aunt three times- My bro has a son and daughter, my sis has a daughter.

  12. I feel blessed to have wonderful parents who are still married and in love.

  13. I'm a Christian. But I'm not here in bloggerland to push my beliefs on anyone. I try to stay away from religion/politics in my blog. No need causing fights or offending others.

  14. I try my hardest not to cuss, both here and in the work place. Though, if I'm driving by myself, I may slip up and cuss like a sailor at other drivers!

  15. I'm a Kindergarten teacher. I love teaching K, even though I had previously sworn I'd never go there.

  16. I've got two tattoos. I really want a third one... Maybe this summer?

  17. I room w/ another teacher from my school. It's working out ok. I know some people say to never room w/ someone you work with. I hope things stay ok!

  18. I'm a Barnes & Noble junkie. I go there at least once a week, grab a chai latte, a book, and sit and read for hours upon hours.

  19. Ok, to be truthful, I also go to B&N in hopes of picking up guys. I was so close one trip. I sat next to Hottie and we talked for an hour or so.

  20. I've got red hair. Though, there were times that I was a blond and a brunette. And once my hair was even Ronald McDonald red! What can I say?! I get tired of how I look.

  21. I used to have 10 ear piercings. When I started teaching, I let some grow closed (too many earrings make me look younger). Now I have 5.

  22. I tend to be very shy. Ok, let me be honest... I have Social Anxiety Disorder. I think some people think I'm a snob. Really, I'm not!

  23. My favorite place in the world is my bed... Not because of that reason (remember, I'm single). It's because I love to lay there, snuggle in between my sheets, and read.

  24. I'm late for work a lot. It's because I'll stay up reading until I pass out from sleepiness. Usually that's around 2 or 3 am. I'll find my book on the floor or under the pillow in the morning.

  25. I grew up in Pennsylvania, but went to college in Georgia. I sure missed the North. The South was ok, but I hated the racism down there. It's horrible! Why can't people just accept others who are different?!

  26. I love the school I work at. The majority of students are African American. There are some Caucasians, Koreans, and Indians (from India, not Native American Indians).

  27. While in the South, I dated an African. Not an African American. Just plain African. He grew up in Tanzania, then moved to the States. He was cute, but a lot older than me. He was ready for a serious relationship. I was 18!

  28. While in the South, I dated another guy who, after a year, I realized was a racist. Yeah, I dumped his sorry butt shortly after that revelation.

  29. My favorite season is Fall. Or Autumn. Really, what's the difference? But I teach my kiddies both terms.

  30. When I make one of my students cry, a tiny part of me smiles inside. Am I evil?

  31. I love all my students this year. We have so much fun together. I pick on them all the time (like tapping them on the shoulder over and over again). But that's ok, they pick on me, too! At recess, they'll chase me around trying to poke me! It's great!

  32. Growing up, I disliked my sister. (Sorry, Becks.) She was skinny, popular, and outgoing. I was fat, ugly, and shy.

  33. I finally "learned who I was" my freshman year of college, when I was away from my sister for the first time. We are now best friends.

  34. In college, I once went skinny dipping in the campus lake. That's the most risque thing I've ever done. It was all girls. No boys allowed!

  35. I never had an alcoholic drink until I was 22. I drink now and then, but I've never been drunk. I have a few friends who want to remedy me of that problem.

  36. My favorite drink is a Hurricane.

  37. I'm poor... And I hate that.

  38. I love being "immature" and rolling down hills, playing in the rain, mud sliding, etc.

  39. If I wasn't a teacher, I'm not sure what I'd do... It might be neat to be a plus-sized model. Though, I'm losing weight, and will soon be out of the "plus-sized" range, but nowhere near the size 0 of regular models.

  40. Even though I've lost 30 lbs since October, I feel worse about myself now than I did then.

  41. When I was younger, I wanted to be a Librarian when I grew up.

  42. I love Homestar Runner! Yeah, it's immature. But oh well!

  43. I think I've only told one person this before: I watched "Brokeback Mountain" and LOVED it! I watched it like 4 times in 2 days. I cried each time. (I keep that a secret because of the whole being a Xian thing. Most people would think it scandalous of me, and shun me!)

  44. This is embarrassing to admit, but I cried like a baby at "Lilo and Stitch." Worst part was, Becky had seen it the previous day and told me she cried at this one spot. As I was watching it, I started bawling at the same point. Becky was there, so she just brought me the box of tissues and patted my back... While laughing at me!

  45. I LOVE everything "Harry Potter!" I think anyone who can write a 600+ page book and have kids yearning to read it deserves major props! (I also keep that a secret because of the whole being a Xian thing. Because of course, HP is "evil.")

  46. I am SO addicted to Diet Cola. I prefer Diet Pepsi if it's in can or bottle variety. However, I prefer Diet Coke if it's a fountain soda.

  47. I also don't understand that Pay Per Post crap where you put up advertisements in your posts. Tacky! A blog is a way to connect w/ others, not a way to make money!

  48. I love vampire things! (Another thing I keep mostly secret). Not the gory stuff. The stuff where the vamps have a conscience. I love Anne Rice.

  49. I work a part-time job at a women's clothing store. I LOVE it! (Mainly, the discount!)

  50. My musical preferences are widely varied. I like rock, hardcore, gospel, R&B, some rap, etc. For the most part, all I dislike is country music.

  51. I like most kinds of movies. I'm not too fond of chick flicks, though. They're all the same: girl meets boy, boy does something stupid, girl gets mad, guy does something sweet, happily ever after. BORING!

  52. I've been a bridesmaid three times. Guess I'm doomed to never be a bride.

  53. I once called out sick from work (at my college Library!) because I wanted to avoid a certain guy. The very next day, I was leaving for summer break.

  54. I had my first boyfriend when I was 19. Late bloomer.

  55. I once dated a guy who I was positive I was going to marry. We were already planning it. That didn't work.

  56. The worst "Dare" I ever did while playing "Truth or Dare" was to eat someone's spit. GROSS!

  57. I used to have pet turtles. They were so cute! Myrtle and Charlie were their names. They were painted-shell turtles.

  58. I'm a fish killer. My class fish died. I told my students he moved.

  59. I have watched the movie "Empire Records" 32 times (and counting).

  60. My sister and I once skipped school to go see "The Gladiator" in the theater.

  61. I'm smart! Ever since Jr. High, I took only Honors and AP classes. I had to be better than my sister!

  62. If I did really well on a test, but a friend did poorly, I'd lie to her about how I did, and say I got a B- instead of the A+.

  63. I taught myself algebra. In elementary school, we were doing guess and check math problems. I hate doing guess and check! Waste of time! So I wrote a formula of sorts to figure out the answers, and showed my teacher. She was shocked!

  64. I am determined to marry a guy who is smarter than me. I don't care what he does for a living, but he has to be smart. I once dated a guy who was not-too-smart. I used to take a pen and correct his love letters for grammar. That should have been a warning bell that he was NOT the one!

  65. I hate "Players." I once went out w/ this guy who was going out w/ another girl at the same time. Oy- was I mad when I found out! Broken-hearted, too.

  66. I love, love, love make-up! I rarely have the time for eyeshadow, mascara, etc. But I am in heaven when I do.

  67. Sometimes, I actually think I'm pretty. Not always, though.

  68. I have to match. Or more like, my "unmentionables" have to match. If I'm wearing pink panties, I need to wear a bra that is the same shade of pink. It gets to be expensive.

  69. I will only wear undergarments from Victoria's Secret.

  70. I worked at Victoria's Secret for 2 months. I love shopping there, but I hated working there. At least at my location, they did not treat their employees well.

  71. I used to work at a butcher's shop. To this day, I'm still shocked at myself!

  72. All my clothes are from either Dress Barn or New York and Co.

  73. All my shoes are from either Pay Less or Walmart. Cheap + Cute = Awesome!

  74. I steal toilet paper from my parents. Whenever I visit them, I take a huge pack for my apartment.

  75. I also steal tissues from my folks.

  76. I will never name my children Victor, Madison, Amanda, Robert, or Tony.

  77. I will never, ever, ever leave my car windows open unattended again. I seem to be a bat-magnet!

  78. My dream wedding would be in the winter, preferably on Christmas Eve.

  79. My "Can't Miss" TV shows are Heroes, The 4400, The Office, NCIS, Crossing Jordan, Psych, and Criminal Minds.

  80. I have a secret crush on one of my brother's parishioners. (My bro is a pastor in Delaware) I can't bring myself to flirt w/ him... It feels wrong to mack on a member of my brother's congregation. ***UPDATE*** 7/30/07 Ok, so he knows I like him. But I'm not sure how he feels. Augh! I'm confused.

  81. I'm bad w/ flirting, period. I'm too shy to initiate a conversation w/ a guy.

  82. Sometimes I wonder if there's something wrong w/ me that I'm still single. Do I smell? Am I annoying?

  83. Sometimes I wonder if other people wonder what's wrong w/ me that I'm still single. That makes me more depressed than me wondering it about myself.

  84. My parents saw an angel save my life when I was a youngin'. It makes me wonder if I'm supposed to do something important w/ my life, and if so, what that is.

  85. I spent 7 years working at summer camps during my teens/early 20's.

  86. I enjoy bowling, though it's been a long time since I've gone.

  87. My favorite animal is a pug. I think those dogs are adorable.

  88. Large dogs scare me. Other large animals do as well.

  89. I don't really like the beach that much. Too much sand that gets stuck everywhere!

  90. I love driving fast! When in the South, I at times had to drive through Atlanta. The highway had 6 or 7 lanes that you could maneuver through. I owned that road, baby! Oh, and the music needs to be blaring, too!

  91. I once had a guy stalking me. Scary stuff!

  92. I love Broadway shows. I wish I could go on a regular basis.

  93. I enjoy cooking a lot. It's relaxing (for the most part) and I can be creative w/ it!

  94. I'm a big-time procrastinator. I'll make lists of things to do, and then not do them. I'll push off cleaning, and watch a movie instead, saying "After this, then I'll clean." But instead I'll watch a second movie, then a third.

  95. I fall a lot. I can be standing, and just fall over. I think it's due to lack of sleep.

  96. I have Tuberculosis. I thought that was a disease only people from the 1800's got! It's inactive, and doesn't affect me at all. (Don't worry, I'm not contagious either!) Though, sometimes I do forget to breath.

  97. I'm addicted to McDonald's fish sandwich. It's the best!

  98. I have chronic headaches. I have a headache every second of every day. Just some days it's worse than others. Medicine doesn't work for it.

  99. I've been to Venezuela. It's a beautiful country, but sadly filled w/ poverty.

  100. It's no secret- my life is boring. Though, that means stable. So I'll take it!

Hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about Abigail S!


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