Saturday, January 20, 2007

Help Wanted!

Sometimes we get "Question-block" (aka "writer's-block") It's quite challenging to come up w/ new and creative ?'s at times. Many times, our questions come from real-life experiences. So it can get difficult when we're going through a "My life is boring" stage. It helps that there are two of us as authors! It also helps that we have a plethora of questions at our old blog that we can use. (Though Raj and Liya have been w/ us since the early days of that blog. We don't want them to be bored with old questions. We should give out fresh ones!)

Got an idea for a question we can use? Let us know! We'll give you a big "Shout-Out" for your idea. It may take a few days (or even weeks) for us to get to your question idea if we are going through an "I have so many awesome ideas I don't know which one to pick" stage or if we're in the midst of a series.

I may rephrase it to make it sound more "Abigail-ish" or Becky may to make it more "Becky-ish." Please don't be offended if we do this.

Just leave your ideas in the "Comment" section. We appreciate your help and ideas.

Happy asking!

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Jenn said...

How about something about favorite holidays?