Sunday, March 11, 2007

Night Stalker

I used to work at a summer camp... Did for 6 summer.

Many times, I had to walk across camp in the dark. I can watch scary movies and not be scared at all. But in real life situations.... I scare very easily.

The one night, I was walking along, all by myself. I'd forgotten a flahslight, so I walked by the light of the moon. I was crossing through a covered bridge. When I was just about to the end of it, someone jumps down from the rafters! I about crapped myself, I was so scared. It was one of the other staffers out playing practical jokes. From that day on, I was terrified of that bridge!

Well, one night I was walking across camp at night. I was passing by some trees. I got this eerie feeling that something was in there, lurking, waiting to attack. Like I said, I scare easily... But this time, I really did have a strong, bad feeling. I wasn't sure what to do. What would you have done?

  1. Kept right on walking... You're not taking any chances.
  2. Stop and peer in... See what you can see.
  3. Call on in... "Is anyone in there?"
  4. Get a friend, and go back to investigate.
  5. Your own creative idea.

After a few answers from yall, I'll let you know the rest of my story.

Since I've had several answers, I'll tell you my story.

There WAS a guy hiding in the trees. He was on staff that summer... I guess his way of flirting is stalking. (Note to guys- that DOESN'T work!) Well, I was going to walk on by w/out stopping. When I passed him, he came out of the trees and started to follow me. I saw a friend on the other side of the field, so I ran over to her.

I told my boss about it. He gave a stern talking to Stalker, and that was that. I personally think the guy should have been fired. Don't you think?

After that, the stalking ended... but he did start writing me these creepy little love letters. Gross!

I got my revenge... I started dating his best friend! I'm awesome!


Twilight said...

Frankly I'd be frozen with fright!

Mother of Invention said...

Definitely go to the nearest cabin, get someone to go back with me! You're a camp girl too! Camps rule! No wonder you're such a great teacher! So many songs you can teach in school.

Smalltown RN said...

kept on walking...and maybe get a friend to check it out with me...but certainly not alone...

Hey thanks for dropping by yesterday on the photo hunt....I was working so I am only catching up now. Cheers

meno said...

I would have run back to where i started and waited until someone else was going my way.

A coward am i.

Skittles said...

I probably would have kept on walking.. very quickly.. with my heart beating ninety miles an hour!

Becky L said...

i always think its ridiculously stupid when people call out, "is anyone there?"

'liya said...

5. I'd send V in to go check! lol

(if this comment shows up twice, ignore it, it's not working!)

Abigail S said...

~Twilight~ Yeah, very scary. I was too scared to be frozen, though. I wanted to run!

~MOI~ Yay for camp! My kids know LOADS of songs! Camp really helped prepare me for teaching.

~Sm. RN~ Definitely strength in numbers!

~meno~ You aren't a coward- I call that smart!

~Skittles~ My heart was pounding that fast, if not faster!

~Becks~ Exactly! Like the scary person is going to say something!

~'liya~ You're good- Only one comment... V will feel so manly for rescuing you!

~yall~ I'm updating to show the rest of the story.

Crazy Working Mom said...

Walked...VERY quickly, for sure...