Friday, March 9, 2007


I said a little while back that I was really into grapefruit lately. REALLY into grapefruit! I've been eating grapefruits, drinking grapefruit juice, using grapefruit lotion and perfume and soaps. LOVE IT!!!

I picked up my grapefruit juice at the store the other day, and started laughing. On the carton, it read, "Sass In A Glass!" I found that so humorous. My drink is sassy!

So then I started thinking, what kind of drink really depicts me as a person. Unfortunately, I cannot say grapefruit juice, 'cuz I'm really not that sassy. What am I? There are too many choices!

Dr. Pepper, which has too many flavors to distinguish any one.
Water, which is pure.
Coffee, which is 100% pure energy, leading to crankiness and sleep-depravation.
Martini, which is all dressed up and somewhere to go!
Smirnoff Twisted... Enough said!

Share your drinks. Now, I'm not asking what you like to drink, I'm asking what drink is like your personality. You may hate Smirnoff, but it may fit your traits.

I'm not sure what I am yet. I'll post a comment later if I think of one!


Rapunzel said...

Long island iced tea - a bit of everything mixed in together, goes down nice & smooth but will also knock you on your ass!

Becky L said...

Okay, coffee is my FAVORITE drink. though thats not why i'm picking it. The little definition that you gave is full of energy, along w/ crankiness and sleep-depravation.

Yup, sometimes i can be so full of energy. BUT WATCH OUT when that caffeine wears off, b/c then i get SUPER CRANKY!

Twilight said...

Hm...I can drink coffee just before retiring to bed and sleep like a log. (So what does that make me huh?) I like grapefruit.

Michael C said...

Diet coke: Some of the fun with none of the guilt
coffee with coconut syrup: plenty of energy with a touch of the island spirit.

I cannot believe how lame what I just wrote is!!!

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

I think I'm water, cuz I can be fairly plain and boring at times but you can add a little flavor and I can be quite nice and daring.

Abigail S said...

~rapunzel~ I like your choice! Interesting.

~becky l~ So very true!

~twilight~ I, too, can drink coffee right before bed.

~michael c~ No, you're not lame! Just Islandy!

~silverneurotic~ Very deep... But I'm sure you're not boring!

I decided I'm a Starbuck's Chai Latte. Starbuck's because I'm pricy!!! Chai Latte because I'm warm, but also a bit spicy!

Crazy Working Mom said...

I'm a water kinda gal myself...

Mother of Invention said...

I'd be diet grape soda or maybe Cream Soda!

Skittles said...

That's an interesting question! My coffee is decaf with irish creme creamer, my soda is diet caffeine free, my water is fruity flavored. I guess that says that I'm kind of down-to-earth with a little bit of flair. (I know you said even if you didn't like the drink, but it's too early to be creative lol.)