Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Trick-or-Treat... Give me something good to eat!

Ok, imagine yourself as a 13 yr old, prone to mischief, and are out trick-or-treating.

You go door to door, ringing the bells and shouting "Trick or Treat!" and the nice home-owners give you gobs of candy. Yum, yum... a sugar high for the next month!

You come upon a house, ring the doorbell, and no one answers. The car is in the driveway, the inside lights are on, so you KNOW someone is home. You ring again. You ring again. You ring again.

Finally, some one comes storming to the door and grunts to you: "No candy here! Go away!!" Then, he slams the door at you.

Well... it IS trick-or-treat night. And technically, if someone doesn't give you a treat, you have the right to trick them... right?

What big-time prank are you gonna pull on them? How will you get your revenge???

[A quick word: This is just to be silly. I'm sure that we are all moral people out there who would NEVER dare to pull a big-time prank on someone who doesn't share an awe of Halloween. Nonetheless, be creative!]


Smalltown RN said...

Maybe I would just leave them some candy on the door step ring the bell one more time and run....they then come to the door and see candy left for them.....

Fresh from the Source said...

My, I like smalltown rn's answer. I think I'd just imagine that they've had a bad day - got fired, mother died, life-partner is leaving them for another ... whatever. Regardless of the reason, they need some kindness in their life. Leaving the candy is a great idea.

Sorry, revenge isn't something I'd think of doing, so can't come up with something "revengeful."

Becky L said...

smalltown rn- thats an AWESOME idea.

fresh from the source- I'm not a revengeful person either. I'd never do any sort of prank. But that's why I wrote the disclaimer at the bottom. Even though we'd likely never do it, what are some ideas..

Becky L said...

wow... not a lot of answers

GeekiSiddiqui said...

I wouldn't really be out for revenge. It would cut into my limited collecting candy time :P