Monday, October 15, 2007

Depressed and Excited

I'm depressed...

Ok, not really depressed. More like bummed. I miss my kiddies from last year. They were so good! The perfect class! This year, I have more DP kids than I can handle (DP: discipline problem). Out of 17, a whoppin' 10 are DP's. I feel so bad for the 7 well-behaved kids. They aren't getting the education they're paying for b/c I have to spend all day handling these other kids. Oof!

And my car is sick! Blaah. Something's wrong with the transmission. I'm taking it in to the car doctor tomorrow. I'm scared... it's going to be pricey I fear.

I'm also bummed b/c I've resigned myself to the fact that my Crush doesn't like me back (or at least, I'm pretty sure he doesn't). But I'll be going down to DE this upcoming weekend to see my bro and family. I'll see him then... I need to wear a cute outfit to church.

Did I mention before that this is my last year at my school I've been w/ the past 3 years? Well, it is. I just can't survive on the pittely salary. Private schools pay crap. As much as I love the school, I just can't afford to stay. For example, look at my car problems. As it is now, my parents are most likely going to be paying all the bills for whatever is wrong. I just don't have the money! I'm broke poor. So I'm moving on to public schools. Starting salaries at public schools are, on average, $10,ooo more than what I'm making now. I'm not trying to be materialistic... I'm just trying to survive!

So I'll be applying all over eastern PA, as well as Delaware. My sister-in-law is trying to talk me into moving down there. I'm seriously thinking about it. And no, it's not because of Crush. I have friends down there. And if I'm going to be moving to somewhere new, why not to where I know people already? (I really hope Crush doesn't know about this blog. I can't see how he would, but if he does, and sees this, I'm going to be majorly embarrassed!)

I'm excited about the possibilities. Though it also scares me. If I get another grade, I'll miss Kindergarten... Though right now, I feel like shouting, "I never want to see another 5-year old again!" Oi- they are so naughty this year! Looking back, it's actually kind of funny the things they think they can do! But in the middle of a math lesson, I don't see the humor in it.

Well, that's just a quick, brief update. Life is so crazy. I miss blogging, but I have zero spare time. My bedroom looks like it threw-up all over itself. Such a mess! I can't see my floor! Just no time. Right now, I should be grading papers. I feel totally unmotivated.

If anything exciting happens this weekend, I'll let yall know!


Becky L said...

Yes, Abigail's room is as messy as she described. And its a very big room!

crazy working mom said...

Here's wishing for a great weekend for ya. ;)

twilite said...

Hi you're in one of those 'blah' days. Take care...and all the best.

Mother of Invention said...

I started out in Private School so I know what you mean! I hope you get a job and don't worry about changing'll adjust and people will give you stuff etc.
Good luck!