Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Ah, the joys of Lancaster County, PA!

I'm sure that your knowledge of the place consists of things like Amish, horse and buggies, farms, etc. Well, where I live, there are an abundance of these things.

Unfortunately, that sometimes leads to NASTY smells. Yesterday, Erica and I were driving past a local chicken coup. And its not just a small one, like a single farmer would have, containing maybe just a dozen chickens. I mean, A HUGE ONE! A chicken farm. I try to avoid driving past it; but I had no choice that day.
It was so bad that even Erica covered her nose and cried: "Stinky!" Honestly, it smells like rotting meat. Which is quite an unnerving thought, considering most people actually eat those chickens. Ick!

What is the worst thing that YOU have ever smelled?

a. Freshly Fertilized Farmland
b. Mushroom Factory [can you say: Yummy! Cow manure fertilizer just baking in the sun!]
c. A very bad case of B.O.
d. An unclean bathroom [what an understatement!]
e. Other


~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

Poop has to be at the top of my list. In my line of work I change a LOT of diapers (of kids/teens) not babies...I've had a few instances where I've nearly literally lost it.

twilite said...

Hi Becky. A very bad case of BO...on one occasion I vomited after I got off the bus! Cheerio.

twilite said...
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Abigail S. said...

Def. B!!!

Mother of Invention said...

Rotting fish in hot weather after being left out for days!!