Thursday, September 13, 2007

New & Improved

Do you like the New&Improved blog template?

I bow down and praise Becky for her job well done. Yes, that's right: BECKY put this together. Isn't she amazing?

So, what do you think? Should we change anything else? Colors, content, designs, etc? We will be adding a new picture of us... for some reason, it hasn't transferred over very well.

[PS: Okay, okay. I, Becky, am signed in under Abigail's screen name. I had to be in order to make all of the changes. So... I'm being a bit prideful in my exclamations. Oh well.]


twilite said...

Hi Abby! When I enter, the background shouts at me and took me by surprise though. Good change. Well done Becky.

'liya said...

Wow, it looks great!! Good work! :D

crazy working mom said...

Great job! :)

You're too funny.

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

Very very nice!

Smalltown RN said...

I like it very much..I am always amazed at all of you have master this changing your template stuff...I am an absolute moron when it comes to this stuff...I did change my background..but I didn't do step son did it for me...and he isn't here anymore so if I want to change it again...I will have to wait until he comes at hoo...I really do want to learn how..but I don't have the time...and I know it is very time consuming to do....cheers..

Becky L said...

twilite- I hope that "shouting at you" is a good thing.

'liya- thanks!

crazy working mom- Yeah, I guess I kinda am funny :-)

silverneurotic- thanks!

smalltown RN- The sidebar stuff isnt too hard to change, now that blogger has their new version up and running. Before, everything had to be done HTML. Very difficult. The background was more tricky. The only reason I figured out how to do it was b/c I recently had someone redo my personal blog, and I just did here what she did there.

GeekiSiddiqui said...

Very nice!