Sunday, July 15, 2007

Tanned and Relaxed

Ah! I feel relaxed... and I'm looking quite tan! It's marvelous.

I spent all last week at Chincoteague Island with my family: parents, brother and his wife, son (2 yrs) and daughter (10 mo.), and my sister, her husband, and daughter (2 yrs). We go down every other summer and rent a house for a whole week. It was so much fun.

Chincoteague Island is in VA, and next to it is Assoteague Island. Assoteague Is. is a wildlife refuge- it was wild ponies that roam around, and it also has a beach. It's really a nice place for families. We did the whole beach thing (thank you God for tans!). We also went to see some wildlife, an aquarium, national park visitor centers, etc.

Top Right: My nephew and niece. It was so cute- all vacation, they wanted to hold hands and play. Adorable!

Middle Left: My nephew and niece being buried alive!

Bottom Right: My little niece discovering the sand. She loved it!


~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

I was there a long time ago. I don't remember much except the horses (my mom's a horse freak so of course we had to go see them), lots and lots of bugs (and we were camping in a tent!), and the ocean which was really rough...a lot rougher than the NJ beaches.

twilite said...

Hi Abby! I love simply love spending time on the beach. Good to see you enjoying time out. Happy holidays!