Friday, June 15, 2007

What's eating gilbert grape?

[Okay, so I never saw that movie. But I'm stealing the title for this post...]

Abby will be on a short hiatus for a few days. Unfortunately, some bugs decided to eat away at her computer. Those nasty little viruses succeeded in shutting down the whole comp.

I suppose there are several ways I could take this topic. You can answer any [or all] of the following questions:

1) What's your LEAST favorite insect?

2) What's your MOST favorite insect?

3) Has your computer ever been infested with bugs? [of the computer variety or the real crawling things]

4) Are you faithful in searching your computer for viruses and/or spyware?


twilite said...

Hi Becky!

Sorry about the viruses in Abby's computer. I hate it when this happens.

Mine was corrupted recently when I tried accessing some blog sites which might be infected already. So now I have this program which alerts me when a site is not stable. Recently I was alerted on a few when I was blog I'm glad I can trust or need to trust in something...ya?

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

My anti viral protection runs just about everyday. I haven't had a problem yet. *knock wood*

Favorite bug-cricket

Least Fav-Bees.

Skittles said...

First.. you could share your pc right? ;)

#1 ALL
#3 Once it was one that was sent out to thousnads a few years ago.
#4 I am now :)

Abigail S said...

The crazy thing is, I AM faithful in searching for viruses. I do a virus scan using TWO scaners (Norton and Verizon) everyday. Verizon checks for and deletes spyware stuff every 30 minutes. But somehow it went undetected AND corrupted both those scanners. Grrr!

Hopefully it'll get fixed up soon.