Monday, April 30, 2007

Sidebar changes

What do you think of the new labels: About JAQQ2, About Us, Other links and things

Is it too big? Not good font? Not good colors? Or is it really great?


Skittles said...

You wanted honest answers? :)

Not too sure about the yellow. What was it before? Please don't say yellow..

I like the fonts but do they seem a bit large?

Oh what do I know! This is your blog and I'll keep coming no matter what you do. :)

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

I love it! I wish my blog was as fancy!

Becky L said...

skittles, the background of it was yellow before. sorry!

I couldnt find any green ? marks so i decided to stick with the yellow... But i just found some that are about the right shade green, so i may change it around soon again. And try to get the font smaller

'liya said...

I think a little smaller would be good becuase you have such a nice header (is that what it's called?) that you don't want to take attention away from that.

Becky, Mom, Mommy, Hey you, said...

I like it..

Font is cute..

did you do it yourself..

Abigail S said...

'liya-- i tried making the font & pict smaller, but it wasnt cooperating with me. though, since it worked out fine at Adventures of Mommyhood, i know there must be some way to get it right

becky, mom...-- yup, i did it myself. glad you like the font. i think i'll keep the font, though change colors and image

and to abby-- i need to sign into your acount to make these changes and thus publish this under your name, so DEAL WITH IT!