Sunday, April 8, 2007

I'm Dreaming Of A White Easter

Ok, so we've all heard the song "I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas." A cute song. I know I love snow on Christmas Day.

Now, snow on Easter? That' s a completely different thing altogether. Who wants snow on Easter?! Well, it's here anyway.

I woke up this morning, was singing some Easter songs, and peeked out the window in hopes of seeing a glorious Easter morn, full of sunshine. What did I see? SNOW!!!

It's not enough snow to stick to anything. Just some flurries here and there. But still, it's April! This weather is messing me up. Hot, cold, hot, cold, back and forth, and back again! It needs to get warm and stay warm!

Well, I am having a nice Easter regardless of the lack of warm sunshiny goodness. I just finished mixing up the hash brown casserole and stuck it in the oven. Now I'm killing some time, waiting for everyone to come over for Easter supper. I'm waiting for my sister, her husband and daughter, my cousin and her husband and daughter, my aunt, her son and his girlfriend, and my mom. My dad's already here. Sadly, my brother and his family can't make it.

Question time! Tell me about your Easter traditions. Do you do anything, or nothing? I know not everyone who comes here is of the same religious background as I am. That's fine. We'd still like to hear! Do you do Easter eggs and candy?

Happy Easter to all! Enjoy that chocolate!


~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

I still get an easter basket. kind of embarrassing. then we have a bit dinner of ham and ravioli. weird combination I suppose but it works for us.

Now I'm off to work in a few. :(

'liya said...

Hope you guys had a great day (despite the snowy weather)!

Chocolate eggs are cool, I gave some out to my students before the long weekend began :D

Rapunzel said...

When my kids were small we decorated eggs and then did an egg hunt in the yard; they always got a big Easter basket filled with candy, a couple of little toys, and a movie. Even tho' they are grown or nearly so, we've maintained the egg dyeing and basket, and they still get a movie. This year my boyfriend's kids were here so they were included in our tradition. :-) I don't normally do a big dinner; instead we have boiled eggs, croissants, etc. for breakfast.

Becky L said...

we have quite the busy easter day. first, our church has a big breakfast that starts at 8:00 a.m. Though, the getting there early is worth it, b/c everyone brings yummy foods. [breakfast is my favorite meal of the day]

we went home so erica could have a quick nap, then went to Hubby's parents' house. then to my family's house. [Yes, Abby and I are sisters, so my gathering was the same one that she was describing]

gr said...

Listen, Abigail and Becky, I have tried for WEEKS to leave a comment here, and I may have found the bug that cuts me out, because I love this blog and like to join you here.

OK, my wife and I, together and married nearly 15 years still have to work this one out. I give her a basket of chocolate, and get: NOTHING! This year, it was my birthday too, so I got something, but I mentioned today maybe we should get on the same page. I decorate with bunnies and such, give her the chocolate, you know, maybe we could work on this together?
So, next year, in the preceding week, I think I will mention some of my plans for decorating, chocolate baskets and special dinner and she will...?
(special note: my wife is sweet and generous, but a little forgetful)

twilite said...

Haha! You might get your wish...a white easter...for all you know global warming might change the seasons!?!?!?!

Michael C said...

We do the eggs, the candy and the 40 people family get together. I also cook a rabbit every year. Ok, I'm kidding.

I can't imagine snow on a day so synonymous with Spring. It was very overcast here yesterday and it made it never feel like Easter.