Monday, March 19, 2007

Vocabulary 101... part 2

We havent even made it to 50 yet! there are plenty more that we can come up with.
your mission again-- Come up with 101 uses for a tissue.
here is what we have so far:

1. Blow my nose
2. Dry my tears
3. Clean out my ears
4. To pick up a dead bug.
5. Blot my lipstick.
6. To use when I run out of toilet tissue.
7. To get the hair off of the shower drain.
8. To wipe the kitty's eyes.
9. To do a quick swipe in the bathroom when guests are coming over and there's toothpaste on the counter.
10. To make art carnations
11. To wrap up kids' teeth that have fallen out at school!
12. To clean up kid's marker messes and exploded pens!
13. To wipe off my glasses.
14. To blot my finger after I do a blood sugar test! OUCH!
15. Wipe off the computer screen dust!
16. Wipe up coffee small spills at my computer desk.
17. Set my night mouth guard on.
18. Squish spiders that are crawling up my wall or counter!
19. Shred it up whenever you get an obsessive compulsive urge.
20. Use it to cough politely.
21. Use it to protect your hands from germs in a public bathroom.
22. Try to stop blood when you get a paper cut.
23. Use it with nail polish remover if no cotton balls are handy.
24. To line my sandwich box before putting food in the box.
25. To wrap up my dainty items like pendants or brooches when travelling.
26. Cutlery stand: to absorb the water from the forks or spoons or knives after washing...if you know what I mean.
27. Wipe that lipstick off of your teeth. talk about embarrassing.
28. put on the ground with some tape/glue on it so that when someone steps on it, you can laugh at them walking with it stuck to them. hehe.
29. use as a potholder when you dont have one. yeah, i've done this. say, you have a cup thats super hot! hold it with some tissues in hand.
30. To wipe my puppy's tushy.
30. To make 'wedding dress' outfits for Barbie Dolls (hey I used to do that when I was a kid!)
31. To leave lying around your room so that an annoying sibling doesn't want to come inside for fear of being contaminated.
32. To hold in hand all day and pretend to be sick so that people feel sorry for you and are nice :D
33. To dab at your eyes in the movies when we get to the sad parts.
34. This works for eyes that get teary eyed chopping up onions too!
35. To stuff in shoes that hurt to make them more wearable.
36. To removed excess oil from some fried food item
37. To wrap a McDonald's burger in
38) to whipe gunk off your face after picking a zit
39) for girls--to stuff your bra
40) for guys-- same concept, but elsewhere
41) To Stuff your HAIR ( one seen that commercial? lol)
42)To blot your nose/T-zone (oily skinned ppl should be able to relate)
43) To use as "toe-separaters" when applying nail polish and you cant find the actual separator.
44. diaper for a baby doll
45. wave as a peace sign after fight w/ husband
46. bookmark
47. coffee filter [hey, if you're desperate for coffee, anything will do]
48. [up above, 30 was used twice, and instead of changing all the #s, we'll just throw this one in here to make up for it]

OKAY-- someone pick up now w/ #49! We can do this!!! believe me, it is possible... when we had the original JAQQ going, we used this exact same question. Some of these answers are the same, some are totally different. Therefore, it is definitely possible to get to 101.

[if you are clever enough to find this question at the original JAQQ, feel free to pilfer some answers!]


Skittles said...

A blanket or sheet for a Barbie bed.

To dust with.

Abigail S said...

Grrr. I just typed up a bunch, and blogger deleted them! Let's try it again!

51) Wipe clean the chalkboard

52) Wipe clean the dry erase white boards.

53) Wipe clean those cool flashcards that you can write on using dry erase markers.

54) Crumple up and play snowball fight during the summer.

55) Squirt some antibacterial soap on it, and clean the public toilet so you don't get any nasty germs or diseases.

56) Use to "sponge paint" when you don't have sponges.

57) Use as a parachute for your G. I. Joe action figures.

Becky L said...

NO WAY ABBY! you totally stole my GI Joe one! [giggle-- that brings back memories]

58. Wrap your gum in once you're done chewing it

59. Clean off bird doo-doo off your car

60. To wipe off my daughter's [or anyone's] dirty hands and mouth after eating something gooey and/or sticky

61. to wipe up the food that my daughter [or anyone] spit out b/c she [or they] didnt like it.

62. to wipe up the wet mess that my daughter's [or anyone's] cup made when it tipped upside down in the car

63. To toss at my daughter when i'm exasperated by her messy eating habbits

64. Yes, i did this and for some reason thought it would work-- tie to my TV antenae hoping to make reception clearer

65. Make paper air planes that dont really fly very well

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

66. Blot up excessive hand lotion.

67. Cover your mouth and nose when you are around sick people.

68. Wipe your mascara wand before applying mascara to minimize clumping.

69. If your forced to use a public phone, you can put a tissue on the ear piece to protect your ear from nasty germs...could probably cover the mouth piece as well...(Got the idea from todays "Ellen Show"!)

70. Wipe off cd's.

71. Clean off dog doo from shoes.

'liya said...

72. Tie with pipe cleaners to make bows or butterflies.

73. Or, if you want to make something oragami, and don't want to waste the special paper, you can practise with a tissue :D

Becky L said...

74. Wipe mold off of my daughter's stroller [yes, i had to do this-- gross!]
75. Use as part of a funky dance
76. wipe off DVD [okay, so someone already said CD, but i dont care]
77. Write cheat-notes on it before going to take a test [no, i never did this]
78. Use to scrub off cheat notes you wrote on your hand [didnt do this either]
79. clean up paint that my Hubby dripped on the carpet while painting our living room walls
80. Wipe clean an overhead transparency
81. Hold up to computer screen when someone comes into the room and you dont want them to see what you're doing
82. Toilet paper someones house??? why not tissue their house instead!
83. Stuff a car full of them as a prank when someone gets married
84. Going hiking in strange forrest? Leave a trail of tissues to find your way back out
85. Hide your mouth inconspicuously while trying to dig out something stuck between your teeth
86. Need to start a fire? Use this to get the fire going
87. If your car is stranded on the side of the road, stick one out the window. [really, why do people stick things in their window when they leave their car on the side of the road??]
88. To apply anti-itch cream to a mosquito bite
89. to apply anti-itch cream to poison ivy
90. Dry your hands when there are no paper towels available

Smalltown RN said...

91. Females...when you don't have feminine hygeine products handy.
92. To plug a hole
93. As a sail for a little boat
94. A bandaid
95. Snowflake
96. Wrap around the bottom of a candle to make it fit better in the holder.
97. use as a heel protector

Thanks for dropping by my blog....your comments were really appreciated....

thethinker said...

To pick your nose, under cover (i.e. use the tissue as a shield). It works. I'm telling you!

Not that I've tried it or anything.

Michael C said...

To pick up kitty puke (or yuck as the kids call it)

To make a ghost at Halloween

To shove up your nostril to stop a bloody nose

I'm sure I can think of more..

Becky L said...

well, folks, thats 101! good job! a new ? will be coming shortly