Friday, March 2, 2007

Rude or much

On our trip to NYC to see "Wicked" on broadway, we ran into quite a rude lady. She was much older, but dressed very fancy and looked like she was "old money." And definitely better than anyone else.

Well, during the intermission of the play, we ran to get in line for the potty. It was quite the long line, and there were only 6 potties, and the room was really really small. We finally got in and did our business. After I washed my hands, i went to leave. This lady was standing IN THE DOORWAY, making it hard to get by. She gave me a nasty look, like "stay out of my way." I found this absurd-- how does she expect to get in if no one can get out?

i waited for abby to come out, quite ready to tell her my little story. Unfortunately, Abby had a story of her own, about the same lady. When abby went to leave, there was absolutely no room to squeeze by. the lady was taking up ALL of the space. Abby nicely asked: "can i get by?" The lady looked at her, then looked away as if she hadnt heard abby at all. So, abby had to just stand and wait... and quite a line formed behind abby trying to get in.

Extremely rude!

?What's the rudest thing that a stranger ever did to you?


'liya said...

Your new blog look looks great!

As for the question, well, some people just think wayyyy too much of themselves. I can't think of any real life examples right now but there's tons of rude people out there in the world (and in the blogger world too!) and you've really got to wonder if they always live their lives in such a bad mood... or whether or not their parents ever taught them any manners! I

meno said...

A woman walked by me at a mall. "How tall are you anyway?" She asked.
I replied, "How much do you weigh?"

Last time we went to NY, we stayed 4 nights and saw "Wicked" twice. It was awesome.

Michael C said...

Wow, the nerve of that lady!!! I can remember holding the door for a girl in college once or it would have slammed her in the face. I didn't expect anything, i was just being polite. This girl went through the door and then yelled at me about how she didn't need the door held open for her and she could do it herself, etc. She was pretty rude..

Erika said...

That is reallly weird! I hate public bathrooms!

Love the banner!

Becky L said...

'liya-- yeah, people are really rude. i often do wonder if they were ever taught how to treat others.

meno-- why in the world would someone randomly come up and ask how tall you are? i would NEVER approach a stranger and comment on their appearance! [unless telling another mother that her child is adorable.]

michael-- i hope no one else kills me for saying this, but: I HATE feminists. Okay, hate isnt accurate. I just get a bit annoyed with scenarios like you described.

erika-- yes, for so many reasons, public bathrooms are gross. Sometimes i feel grossed using a toilet at a friend's house

Donne R said...

Ok are we talking bathroom rude or any stranger rude? Well Ihave plenty of general rude stories but the funniest one is a bathroom one. Ok you kow how women "hover" in the bathroom becasue they don;t want to sit on the toilet and get all dirty? Ok well first of all, it is a bathroom and you are in there to pee so you are already going to be "dirty" in that area so just wipe the seat and sit right down. Ok down off my soap box and back to the story. When I used to work in a bank at a grocery store, I went into the ladies room one day and I was taking care of business when the hovering lady in the next stall decided that she was going to hover from, I can only assume, the ceiling becasue she was so far away from the toilet that her "spray" got my foot!!!! Ewewew!!!!!!!!!!!

Crazy Working Mom said...

It's odd how people can be. I had that same type of thing happen to me while grocery shopping one day. A lady would not let me out of the aisle and she couldn't get in until I got out! It was just absurd. It was the day before thanksgiving and she was obviously NOT happy to be shopping. :p