Thursday, March 1, 2007

Ketchup Time

So, the look of JAQQ2 has been changing over the past few days. A fellow blogger, Nevins Manafe, is quite handy at web design. I've been all into changing the look of my blog, and I asked him if he could help. The little thing I had before I had thrown together. This new one, he made for me. Isn't it awesome?! I'm a fan. Thanks Nevins! I'm quite in awe of how talented he is. I'll probably tinker around with fonts and colors of the main text for the next day or so. (Maybe the sidebar should be gray, and the post be white? Hmmm...) Bear w/ me, all.

I went in to that store nearby my house. I am going to transfer there... but only as a regular associate. I prefer it this way, really. I don't know how I could have handled the stress of being associate manager! I'll be working the same 15 or so hours a week... But I won't be spending all the $ on gas now!

Sorry I haven't been around to yalls blogs lately. I am SOOOOOOOOOOO worn out! I mentioned a few posts back about being so stressed out at school. Yes, the stress has passed, which is good. But now I'm left feeling dead tired! I feel like crap, and I just want to sleep all the time!

Check out Becky L's blog for info on what cool stuff we did Wednesday! Yay! (yes, it was exciting... But I did sleep the whole 3 hours to and back from New York rather than talk to my sis... Sorry Becks!)

At school, most Fridays are "Ketchup Days." ... or "Catch-Up" as in getting it all done before it's too late... Hence this post is a "Ketchup" post. Just wanted to let yall know what's up! I will be back to blogging full-force Saturday. Promise! I'll even try to visit yall during my lunch break at school tomorrow!

The most important part of this post is... Check out Nevins' Blog! Tell him good job for me!



Smalltown RN said...

Glad your back...and that you had a wonderful time in New York. I've never been to New York. Just seems like such a huge city to me.

I do like your new layout for your blog I have seen Neven's work on many blogs he is truly amazing....I hope you get it to where you want it.

Your tiredness is a rebound from your stress at school...a couple of good nights sleep and you will be your old self again.

Happy Friday!!!!

Becky L said...

wow, the header is great. i love it

gr said...

OK, sounds like a good plan, to be a regular assoc., and you won't have much drive time either.

Mother of Invention said...

You're normal for a teacher at this time of year! Everyone is bagged out and here we have 1 more week till March Break for a week! Do you have that too?

When I taught Gr. 2-6 I always had a "Ketchup" day Fri. in the p.m. I'd actually cut out a Ketchup ad bottle and put it on the board. Once they did any work they owed me AND had their desk cleaned outto my inspection, they'd get free time. Worked great!

Rest up this weekend.

Crazy Working Mom said...

He helped me out a while back. Super nice guy and I appreciated him very much!! :)

It looks GREAT by the way! I love the header.