Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Midnight Rendezvous

You and your friends decide to have an immature moment, and go out late at night to play at a park. The kind that has lots of trees, hills, fields, etc. The perfect place for a rendezvous w/ your latest crush!

So the two of you slip away, and take a stroll together. Now, at this point in time, yall are just friends, but who knows what may happen this magical night?!

You take a stroll along the bank of a creek, then across a field. You're having a deep conversation about things that seem to be important. The whole time, you have butterflies in your stomach! This is the moment of truth... You get the nerve to ask that all important question...

What is THAT?!?!?!

You look ahead, and there are 4 or 5 white things seemingly floating in the air. They're oval shaped tall-wise, not length-wise, though with no defined edges. It almost looks like white lights dancing along, about 20 feet away and floating oh, maybe 3 feet off the ground. They aren't large, which makes it even harder to see. What could it possibly be?

Do you:

  1. Run away, screaming! Who cares about looking cool in front of your crush? You're not getting attacked by any ghosts or aliens!
  2. (If you're a girl) Cling to your guy, and ask him to protect you! Make him feel all manly, plus be able to be close to him!
  3. (If you're a guy) Be all macho, even though you're shaking on the inside. You want to impress this chick!
  4. Stay put where you are. You don't want to draw attention to yourselves!
  5. You are extremely curious, so you walk towards the white floaty thingys, leaving your crush behind. Who cares about him/her?! You need to find out what's up!
  6. Your own creative answer!
This is actually a true story! It happened to me... Eek! Leave an answer, then tune in Wednesday evening to hear what I did, and what it was. You'll never guess! (Becky, you can't give away the answer!)


Michael C said...

WOw, it really happened? I'd grab the girl and my digital camera and shoot away....

Rapunzel said...

I'd definitely sit in awe and stare, not run, but I'd be freaking out! Romance would be totally out the window at that point. ;-)

gr said...

All I can ay is that I will tune in later to see where this goes.

Becky L said...

abby, i honestly have no clue what you're talking. either i have a crappy memory, or you never shared this story with me.

perhaps #4. stand completely still, not wanting to draw attention.

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

Oh god, I would probably pee my pants.

Abigail S said...

~Michael C~ Good call... get some pics that you can sell to some cheesy sci-fi magazine!

~Rapunzel~ I definitely was in awe when this happened! ... But romance was not out the window!

~gr~ You'll have to wait a little longer- I'll be posting all the answers tonight! I'm gonna make yall go crazy first!

~Becky~ Sorry, I thought I had told you this. It was at the Valley, and I was out w/ JE... ringing any bells yet?

~SilverNeurotic~ That would definitly ruin the romance!

Yall- I'm upset! I'm at school, and it's snowing... There's about 2-3 inches already, and still going strong... They aren't going to give us an early dismissal! There'll be 4 inches by then! The roads are already a mess, accidents everywhere! I'll never make it home! (Just call me a whiner!)

Twilight said...

Hi Abigail!

Just got back from a month away...down in Auckland...that's why the silence.

Truthfully, I don't know what you're describing.

Sorry about the usual 'bout' of snow! Unpredictable weather! Welcome to the sunny island of Singapore!