Friday, March 16, 2007

Major Downer

Sorry for the lack of posts/visits to yalls blogs. I'm currently at a teacher's convention thingy. It really is a lot of fun. Well, for the most part. There are several one-hour sessions where we get to learn new ideas about teaching. I've been to some great ones and gotten great ideas about teaching math and reading. But some are just BORING!!! We get to choose what classes to go to based on descriptions. I took this one because the description sounded good. I was all excited... IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE DESCRIPTION!!!! I was not happy. I mean, it wasn't a horrible class. I was just really disappointed.

Sorry for the rant. I feel better now!

This conference is at a really ritzy hotel place. Luckily they a free internet lobby. This is the first opportunity I've had to get to it. I wanted to last night- but no way was I going to be all alone at a secluded place. This girl ain't stupid!

The major downer of this blog is that I feel limited in what I can post. Since it's a question blog, I feel unable, at times, to talk about myself. There's got to be a question!!!

I wanted to post about this conference, and I thought- heck, I'm just gonna do it!

So there's no question here. But I will write up another post right away that is a question. Sound good? (I guess that can be my question!)


Mother of Invention said...

I've been to many workshops etc. that were lousy but it's still good to go out and mix with other teachers and share things. And the snacks/lunches are usually good!

Ahmed said...

hehe, although it does appear to be your theme, its your blog and you should have fun with it and not limit yourself. Or maybe you can have a secondary blog for non question type entries?

Twilight said...

Hi Abigail! Thanks for dropping by. I like this casualness on the blog.

Abigail S said...

~ahmed~ Although it would be nice to start up a "personal" blog, I just don't have the time! I have thought about it... But I find I hardly have time for this one!