Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Waste Management

So, most of yall know that I'm a teacher. More specifically, I'm a Kindergarten teacher. I love it! The kids are so cute! There's this one that is just too cute for words! I wish I could post a picture of him, but that would be a BIG no-no. He's African American, and he has these adorable pudgy cheeks- the kind that you want to go up and pinch, and say "You're so cute!" ... Actually, I really DO do that... But he loves it. I call him my sweety.

But I digress. The worst part of the day is lunch. I only have lunch duty twice a week. It entails supervising the kids, opening their milk and impossible to open cans of fruit. You know, the stuff w/ the lids that won't budge. So you pull and pull until it springs open, spilling all the sticky juice all over your perfectly coordinated outfit. And the kids are talking the loudest that they possibly can. Then there's the cleaning up of their things. At the start of the year, we clean up all their trash for them. But in a few weeks, we're going to teach them to do it themselves, in order to get them ready for first grade.

Again, I digress. I'm sure you don't need to know the boring stuff. Well, the part I hate the most is throwing away TONS of perfectly good food. It's such a waste! Like, on pizza day when they take one small bite, and don't want any more. Or chicken strip day, when they eat one strip and throw out two. It's horrible seeing that great, yummy food plummeting to the depths of the trash can. Some days, I'll eat their food while I clean up the tables. Especially on chicken fingers day. I can't see that food going to waste.

So, here's the question in it all. Can you throw perfectly good food away? Or do you save the leftovers for a "not-so-inspired-to-cook" day?


'liya said...

I can never throw good food away, even if I'm full I'll eat it or make someone else eat it. It falls under the category of feeling bad for children in other parts of the world who don't have food - only my eating the leftovers doesn't really help their situation any better... it only makes me fatter.

It's funny how our lunch duty differs. Mine is all about walking around the cafeteria making sure there's no food fights (which I don't think even ever happens except in the movies), and making sure nobody is killing anyone :D

Twilight said...

Thank you for dropping by with an encouraging note.

I see you're just as new in this space too.

Yes, I hate to see good food thrown away...can these not be saved I wonder?

Hope to see you again.

Becky L said...

my lovely daughter is now addicted to cheerios. all she wants is cereal, cereal, cereal. She'll make me pour a bowl, but she wont eat it all. then it gets soggy and gross and i have to throw it away.

i hate doing that though. but its cereal-- it cant be saved once the milk has been added.

but everything else i save for later. Actually, i LOVE having leftovers for those "not-so-inspired-to-cook" days. I'll cook four or so days in a row, and then we can leftovers of our choice!!!

ps... i know what you mean about pinching cheeks. i'm gonna be that kind of aunt that pinches the cheeks of my neices/nephews

Abigail S said...

'liya- You are SOOO lucky about the lunch duty thing! I'd much rather have recess duty than lunch duty any day! (You teach high school, right? No recess for them. How sad!)

Twilight- I enjoyed viewing your blog. It's cool. Thanks for stopping by here. Yes, I am new to this page. But I do have 3 other blogs. My first JAQQ was abandoned for various reasons, but can still be viewed. THe link is on my sidebar.

Becky- Not much to say... You're upstairs in my house right now!

Twilight said...

Hi Abigail! I'm sure you know I'm into digital photography especially on nature. It was just that I have some pictures of flowers...and thought I'd add some spices to the wordings.

Thank you again for your kind comment. C U again.

Clairissa said...

I don't like to waste. Rob is the leftover eater in our house. I DO NOT and never have never eaten Reagan's leftovers. Lots of mommies do that and gain extra weight because of it - it's a common problem. Eating it yourself doesn't help anyone. It's just extra calories, so as long as I've already eaten and am full, I won't eat the leftovers. Waste or not, I chuck it or package it up for later.

Abigail S said...

I did it again in school today. It was chicken nugget day, and I ate all the nuggets that the kids didn't eat.

... Correction- I ate the leftover nuggets of the kids I KNOW wash their hands!

I'm a horrible person!