Sunday, January 28, 2007

Over the Top

What do you think of when you hear the phrase "Over the Top?" Most of us would think it means something that is too far-fetched, overboard, ridicuouls. For a smaller few (mostly guys, I dare say) they think of a movie starring Sylvestor Stallone. In it he's trying to save his family, blah, blah, blah by arm wrestling. Did yall know that arm wrestling is actually a professional sport? I never knew that until college.

My sophmore year of college, I had a friend, Dan, who was an amateur arm wrestler. So one weekend, my boy-toy and I decided to join Dan as he went to compete in a South East Regional Arm Wrestling Competition for amateurs and pros. I couldn't admit it to him, but I felt like the whole thing was pretty silly. But it was an experience.

Well, my most embarrassing moment EVER happened at this time. ...Ok, background story. This competition was in a bar. Now, I was only 20 at this point, so no, I did NOT drink. I obey the laws! (Little Miss Priss, I am.) In this bar, there were two bathrooms right next to each other. They were their own separate rooms. However, there was a space of about 2 feet missing from the top of the wall conecting both bathrooms. So you could hear the person in the otehr potty. GROSS!

I had used this bathroom two or so times. No big deal. I go in later, towards the end of the competition, lock the door, do my business, wash the hands (of course!), and go to leave... OH CRAP! The door won't open! The lock on the knob is one of those that you have to twist. Well, it wasn't untwisting. So I think- what do I do now? There's no use yelling. The bathrooms are right next to the stage- no one would ever hear me. So I decided to wait it out. I paced in circles for what seemed forever. Finally, some guy tries to get in, knocks on the door, and I start shouting "I'm locked in here! Get help!" It takes the half-drunken guy a few seconds to realize what I'm saying. He goes then to tell others what's happenening. Some girls want to know what's going on, so they go to the other bathroom and stand on top of the potty that is right by the wall where the hole is. They tell me to try to climb over the wall and through the hole- yeah, my fat butt ain't doin' that!

The manager finally shows up. He goes to the otehr bathroom and stands where the girls had been. He sees that I'm not a drunken idiot. I show him that the door really WON'T unlock and I'm not a dumb bimbo. He throws down a screw driver and has me try to take the door off the wall. Again- not happening! They try a few other nonsuccessful things. Finally, the manager tells me to stand back, and he knocks down the door by running into it. HUGE CRASH! And everyone is starring at me- there is no longer and arm wrestling taking place- just staring at the stupid bimbo drunk girl who is too stupid to unlock a door.

It was horrible! I swear- it wasn't my fault!

So, now that I shared my story, let's hear yall's. What caused you enough embarrassment that you blushed, cried, ran away, hid, moved, quit, etc. ? I have other embarrassing moments (don't we all have plenty). Maybe I'll share some of those in the Comments. I don't want to make this post any longer!


Jen said...

Once, I fell asleep in a college class. I woke up, just in time to hear the prof. pointing out to the whole class that I was asleep. It was horrible!

Belle said...

Just imagine how bad it would have been if you HAD been a drunk bimbo!

One of my more embarrassing moments is linked through the Bestest Blog Carnival, where I found yours.

Have a great weekend!

Janna said...

Last week I answered the door in my bathrobe, politely told the traveling salesman 'no thanks'...
And then after I shut the door, I realized my bathrobe wasn't snapped shut all the way-- and I had *nothing* on underneath it.
So basically I flashed the salesman.
Guess that gave him a story to tell his friends-- or his blog!

Linda said...

If I had to write about some of the more embarassing moments in my life I would still be typing tomorrow morning! I prefer to read those of others which the blog carnival has nicely provided!

Great story!

Abigail S said...

It's funny how different one "embarassing" can be from another. All are horrible, just in diff. ways!

~Jen~ I would have curled up under my desk and cried!

~belle~ I visited your site and read yours... Eek, girl! That's crazy!

~janna~ Yeah, the guy is probably livin' it up!

~linda~ Glad we could entertain you!