Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Good Night!

No, I'm not wishing you a pleasant evening.

My 'good night' is an example answer of what I will be asking--

What words/phrases* do you use when you are astonished, scared, mad, etc?

Sometimes, when I'm astonished or frustrated, I say "Good Night!" Kinda like saying 'good grief,' but for some reason I say 'night' instead. I picked it up from someone, I'm just not sure who.

Here's another crazy one. "Mahershalalhashbaz!" [Believe it or not, its actually a name. Not used anymore though. And I've possibly mispelled it.] I just love saying that word; its funny.

And yet another, one I'm not quite as proud about-- "Holy Crap!" Now, I ask you: what is holy about fesces? I have no idea. And I'm not sure where that saying came from. But tons of people say it, and it just rubbed off. I'm trying to quit it though before my 2 & 1/2 year old daughter picks up on it.

*If you are one of those who says something that is not suitable for around children, don't post it here. Not that children read this blog... But, we just don't need to hear it [or more accurately, read it]. Answers should not be vulgar, or you'll make me very mad and I'll yell "BLASTED!!!"


Abigail S said...

Becky... I'll have you know one of the actors on The 4400 is named Mahershalahashbaz! Love him!

I say guttinhimel (PA dutch for God In Heaven).

Raj said...

Heh! Why do you say "Good night"? :)

If something goes wrong, I generally say "Great!". But not too often!!

'liya said...

I usually say "wonderful" - sarcastically though because of course whatever it is, isn't wonderful!

crazy working mom said...

I say good night too, or Great day in the morning.
You learn to say things like that especially when you have children around!

Michael C said...

Holy Moley
Well I'll Be


Becky, Mom, Mommy, Hey you, said...

usually I say Holy Batwings...

or Well I'll be...