Wednesday, August 1, 2007

We Didn't Start The Fire!

I swear... we really DIDN'T start that fire! Promise!

I work part-time at a woman's clothing store over the summer, and some nights and weekends during the school year. The store is located at the end of a little strip mall. I love it, cuz there's a Starbucks at the other end... Though my wallet doesn't love it too much!

But I digress. We were working this morning, seemed like a pretty normal day. Well, around 11:30ish, a guy comes in and says in a surprised tone, "You have electricity?" Why wouldn't we? What's this guy been smoking, right?

He told us to go to the store's back door and look outside, which we did. To our surprise, there are three fire trucks, two ambulances, and three cop cars. What in the world?! Here there was an electrical fire two stores down from us!!! We were the only store that, for some reason, actually still had electricity.

They had the situation under control by the time this all had happened. Then they had to survey the damage, and to do that, they had to turn off the electricity for the entire strip mall... FOR SIX HOURS!!! So we then spent six hours working on shipment, tidying the store, etc. in the dark!

It actually was kind of fun. Though, the store did get quite hot near the end there. The best part was our lunch break at Applebee's! Score!

So, question time.

What would you do if this happened to you?

A) Ditch work altogether, and go home.

B) Go home, and come back in when the electricity is up and running.

C) Keep working.

D) Play Hide and Seek in the store.

E) Have Store Olympics, with events like box jumping, speed mopping, relay racing.

F) Something else.


Donna Rey said...

If I worked at the clothing store I would try on all the clothes, especially the ones that would look really bad on me just for fun, then go to Applebee's for lunch. Hey as long as you are getting paid and there are no customers bothering you, why not have fun?

'liya said...

Choice D

I always wanted to play hide and seek in a mall/store after reading a book where the characters did that!

It's good to see you both back in action :D

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

Probably stayed...unless they closed the store down for the day.

Becky L said...

Oh, I love the idea of store olympics! That would be great fun.

Skittles said...

F: I would stand at the door and (laughingly) tell new customers we were temporarily closed.

Anu said...

My option: Play Hide and Seek in the store.

Mother of Invention said...

Ditch work! That's what we'd do at school.
Hope you're enjoying your break from the kids!! (and buying some neat clothes!)

twilite said...

Hi abigail!