Saturday, August 18, 2007


I'm running out the door, but wanted to post a new ? first. So this is gonna be a quikie. Well, a few quikies.

coke or pepsi?
butter or margarine?
plain cheese or supreme pizza?
hamburger or hotdog?
original or rippled chips?
potato or pasta salad?
ranch or italian salad dressing?
TV or internet?


Rapunzel said...

coke or pepsi? diet coke
butter or margarine? butter all the way!
plain cheese or supreme pizza? hmm...can I write in an answer? veggie pizza
hamburger or hotdog? hotdog but only if it's burnt a bit
original or rippled chips? rippled
potato or pasta salad? pasta
ranch or italian salad dressing? Italian
TV or internet? internet

Cute quickie, love it! :-)

crazy working mom said...


Becky L said...

diet pepsi... though, now I'm drinking pepsi 1 because it uses splenda

margarine... in fact, I use the no-fat margarine, and it tastes awful. But I love the taste of regular margarine

supreme pizza! Just no olives

I like hamburgers better, but have hotdogs more often b/c my daughter likes them

No ripples in my chips, please

Not really a potato or pasta salad person.

honey mustard dressing is the only kind I'll use... if its not availabale, I use no dressing at all on my salad

do I have to choose between tv and internet? too difficult!

Skittles said...

Supreme pizza
Chili dog
Potato salad
Ranch dressing (no fat)

'liya said...

Pasta salad while I watch TV :D

Becky, Mom, Mommy, Hey you, said...

coke or pepsi? coke..never ever pepsi..sorry I think it's too sweet
butter or margarine? Butter
plain cheese or supreme pizza? Supreme
hamburger or hotdog? Hamburger
original or rippled chips? Ripples (holds the dip better)
potato or pasta salad? both..
ranch or italian salad dressing? Italian
TV or internet? INTERNET!!!