Thursday, August 9, 2007


Okay, so most of us [besides the teachers out there] aren't going back to school. Those back-to-school sales don't do us much good at all-- unless you're looking to buy office supplies. [I just bought a whole punch, notebook, and folder for a cheap price.]

But I will pose the question:

What will you miss the most about summer?
What WON'T you miss about summer?


Skittles said...

Hubby's vacation time.


Becky L said...

What I won't miss-- Neighborhood kids running around all day, screaming at eachother and making noise. Also, I definitely agree with Skittles, that I wont miss the heat. I want it GONE, GONE, GONE!

What will I miss??? Not sure. Probably time with my sister. Since she's not teaching, she comes over more that during the schoolyear.

Anonymous said...

i'll miss sipping lemonaid on the back porch while whistling a happy tune

'liya said...

I'll miss sleeping in!
I'll also miss the freedom to wake up and not do anything...well in July at least it was! I foresee many papers for me to mark :(

twilite said...

Hi becky! Miss: vacation; beach.
Won't miss: heat! heat! heat! (skittles & becky I)

Mother of Invention said...

Vacation, swimming in a lake, canoeing, fishing,

I won't miss bugs! And morbidly hot humid weather!

crazy working mom said...

I will miss the longer days.

I will NOT miss the HEAT! Aaack...