Friday, June 8, 2007


As far as oxymorons go, I enjoy "bittersweet." It's probably the most commonly used one.

I had a bittersweet day today. It was the last day of school. I'm very sad. :(

Because we are a private school, a lot of families leave after Kindergarten and put their child in a public school. So, for at least half my class, I'll never see them again. Boo-hoo. I kept thinking, "I wish I had one more week w/ them!"

Well, today was BLOODY HOT!!! We had a noon dismissal. The morning was nice. But after noon, my room turned into a sauna. It was horrible! It was hotter in my room than it was outside. 95ish and humid. Gross! I had to hard-core clean my room in that nasty heat.

I just got home (3:30) and I cranked up the Air Conditioner. I want to curl up on top of my bed and sleep for days!

So the sweet part is, there's no more school days in a HOT room. I count my blessings that this was the first real hot day we've had. If school went another week, we'd all be wilting away, and I'd lose my patience w/ them because I'd feel gross, and the end of the year would end on a sad note.

So, it worked out perfectly! Yay! Though, I still will miss my kiddies dearly.

Well, I'm off to the comforts of my bed and pillows. While I'm off snoozing, answer this quick question:

What's your favorite oxymoron?


A.J.Reams said...

We've got 2 more days left of school.
I can't wait. After about 1200 volunteer hours I need a vacation.

Here is my favorite oxymoron.
"civilized warfare"

Michael C said...

Definitely military intelligence.
So, does this mean you have the summer off??

Skittles said...

It must be hard getting so close to the children then have to pass them on to next year's teacher.

The only thing that came to mind (I'm still on my first cup of coffee) was "One size fits all".. even though that isn't really one.

Mother of Invention said...

Wow! You guys finish early! Is that because it's so hot? When do you start in Sept.? We start on Labour day Sept. 5th or so. We don't finish until June 18th!

You made it! Have a great restful summer!

JUMBO shrimp.

Crazy Working Mom said...

Yup, bittersweet I can understand how that would be bittersweet!

"good morning" that's an oxymoron for ya! heh heh

Anonymous said...