Thursday, May 3, 2007

Life's Many Pains

Life has so many pains, physical and not. I'm dealing w/ a few right now.

I've been REALLY stressed out lately w/ stuff going on at school. I had this huge anxiety attack at school Tuesday.

Add on top of that an excruciating pain in my lower back. I could hardly stand today at school. So I spent the day teaching sitting down. My kiddies actually did quite well w/ it.

I'm sure yall have noticed I haven't been by blogs lately. I'm really, really sorry about that. I haven't even been posting here. (If you see a post "written" by me lately, it was actually Becky hacking into my account to make it look like I am active. She's even been leaving comments under my name.)

Well, one of the MANY huge things going on was finished tonight, so now I only have 99 more things! I will try, try, try to get back into blogging soon. Hopefully I'll be set by Monday. Please know that I do miss yalls blogs. I love catching up on things. Please forgive me.

I need sleep. I'm so worn out emotionally right now. My kiddies are having free play tomorrow! (Not really, but I wish!) Night!


Skittles said...

I've lived with panic attacks and anxiety disorder.. it's not fun. Hope you get some rest!

'liya said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Did you have parent-teacher interviews? Oh gosh I have some crazy parents:

Parent: Pick on my son
Teacher: Huh? I mean pardon?
Parent: Pick on him, he needs to be picked on a lot, he's too lazy - call on him in class, ask him to read aloud, just pick on him a lot.
Teacher: Um.. okay *jots down 'pick on student a lot' for the sake of pleasing parent*
Parent: Can you underline a lot?
Teacher: um.. sure *underlines the word 'a lot' and wonders if it's a possible that a parent can drive a teacher more crazy that a student*

Hopefully reading that made you feel better :)

Mother of Invention said...

Life gets like that..especially when you're a teacher! I totally understand! Not long now till the end of June!

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

Hang in there and take things one day at a time...focus on one thing at a time and try not to think about the 99 or so other things that you've also got to do. And don't forget to breath!

Michael C said...

Hang in there...

twilite said...

Hi Abigail! Sorry to read take care. Sweet dreams. Hope 2 C U.

Rapunzel said...

Take care of yourself, Abigail, we miss you!