Saturday, April 21, 2007

One Last Winter Post

Let's travel back in time to the good old days of high school! Ah, the memories.... Ok, enough of that.

Wednesday night, the weather man announces that there will be a HUGE snow storm that night. There can be up to 2 feet of snow. So, you decide to skip writing your 10 page research paper (which should have been started last week) and stay up all night watching the "Scream" trilogy.

Out of habit, you wake up at 6:30. It's still dark outside. You creep to the window to look out because you always love the way the moonlight reflects off of newly fallen snow....


There is not a flake of snow on the ground! Oh, boy, are you in trouble!

So what do you do?

I) Lock the bedroom door, pull the sheets over your head, and ignore your mom when she starts pounding on the door.

II) Kneel on the floor by the bed, and pray that God will send a huge storm that will drop 4 feet of snow in the next 10 minutes!

III) Go to school, and tell your teacher your dog ate your research paper.

IV) Run away.

V) Create your own plan.

(I just HAD to get in one more winter post before it gets so hot that we wither and fade away into nothingness. The weatherman is saying it'll be in the 80's this weekend! But, as this post points out, he very well may be wrong!)


Michael C said...

I used to pretend I didn't know about it until the teacher would stop class and say, 'Michael, let's go take a walk for a minute.' Then I would be given like 2 days to get it done.

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

Either fake sick or beg the teacher for an extension because the computer crashed while I was in the middle of writing.

'liya said...

I refuse to answer this, it's gorgeous outside today!! :D

Becky L said...

I guess 'liya won't answer b/c she's a teacher and doesnt like students procrastinating. Am I right that thats the reason?

I personally wouldnt have left it go. BUT IN THEORY... I'd go w/ silverneurotic's answer and say my computer crashed. Believe me, thats not an absurd possibility

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

I once used the excuse that I couldn't type because I had fake nails (for prom) and they wouldn't come off...I still handed it in on time, but didn't work on it during class time like we were suppose to.

I got an A on that paper. :)

'liya said...

Hehe, well that and the fact that it's just too beautiful outside (even today!) to even think of school being cancelled because of snow :D

Abigail S said...

~Michael~ Sounds like a nice teacher... Me, I'm a mean teacher. Ask any of my kiddies!

~silverneuotic~ The comp. crashing is a good idea! ... Fake nails are terribly irritating when trying to type! Ah, the memories. In college, I took a Cultural Anthropology as a night class, 3 hrs. one night a week. Boring! Anywho, I spent one class peeling off my fake nails. I think the whole class was watching me instead of paying attention!

~Beckster~ (a mix of Becky and sister) Out of the two of us, I guess I'm the procrastinator.

~liya~ It is beautiful here, too. I spent t+ hours just sitting outside. Now I'm on the comp, but sitting near an open window.

I would have prayed, prayed, prayed, and then move on to feigning illness. I'd glue myself to that potty, and tell Moms that no way could I make it to school.

Mother of Invention said...

I would have had it done! It's the teacher in me!

Becky said...

i would pretend i am sick and CANNOT go to school. i would even stay in the bathroom for a half an hour to make it look realistic. then i would write!!!

Becky said...

oh yea do u mind that i put your blog on my favorite links list on my blog?

Abigail S said...

~MOI~ :-) I wish I could say the teacher in me would have had it done, too. Sadly, I'm a HUGE procrastinator.

~Becky~ Sounds like a plan! ... Add away! I can add you to mine, too. (It may not be til tonight... I can't do template changes at my work comp. It's WAY outdated)