Monday, April 23, 2007


Its just been one of those days. You know what I'm talking about. Work was killer, your boss was a real jerk, the person who works next to you kept talking on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on about her latest boyfriend, you missed your lunch break, and traffic was awful and took you twice as long to get home.

A sigh of relief escapes your lips as you enter the house and slouch down on the couch. But you gather together your last reserve of energy in order to make dinner. Not that you want to cook, but you're so hungry b/c you missed lunch.

As you stand up, the phone rings. Hmm... maybe it's a friend wanting to share the latest gossip. You pick up, and to your disgruntlement its a tape-recorded message from some stupid company. Grrr. You hang up with a grunt.

Trudge to the refrigerator. Scan what's inside. Maybe some leftover pasta...


With another deep grunt, you trudge once again to the phone. You pick up. Someone asks: "Hello, is this Mr [or Mrs or Miss] _______?" You are so annoyed. If they can't pronounce your last name, they obviously don't deserve your time. You're not gonna buy what they are trying to sell. Slam down the phone.

Once again you return to your fridge. You pull out the leftovers and then sulk over to the microwave. Just as you are about to press "START," the phone rings again. It's another telemarketer.

What will you do?

A. Pretend like you're going to buy their product just to play a cruel joke back at them
B. Use some vocabulary that a 2 year old should not hear
C. Without hanging up, slam the phone onto the counter so that they hear the loud THUMPing.
D. Scream on and on until they hang up on you
E. Throw away your phone and never make a phone call again.

[FYI-- the US now has a National Do-Not-Call list. Just dial 1-888-382-1222 in order to put your phone number on the list. After a few weeks, you should stop getting telemarketing calls. And if they DO call, you can report them and get them in trouble. How wonderful is that?!?]


Michael C said...

I just say that I suffer from incontinence and just had an accident ;-)

TopChamp said...

C. Without hanging up, slam the phone onto the counter so that they hear the loud THUMPing.

Actually I just hang up without saying anything... I used to have to work in a call centre and I know that it prob isn't the person on the end of the phone's fault. I imagine they're so skint they've been forced to accept a horrendous job and are making the best of it.

I also know that the calls are highly irritating & I in hung up on one just yesterday.

Skittles said...

I do something different. I tell them I'm on the Do Not Call list and tell the to remove my number from their list. This works quite well.. even if you aren't on the Do Not Call list :)

TopChamp said...

Sorry that was rude of me - didn't introduce myself. I think I linked to you from MOI's comments bit actually. Had to comment as you'd posted a fun quiz-style question!!

Becky L said...

michael-- you are crazy. thats so funny

top champ-- well thanks for stopping by! anyone is welcome here! we always have crazy [or sometimes serious] ?s for people to answer

skittles-- at the end of the post i shared the phone # for the do not call list. go ahead and sign up! hopefully they'll stop calling

ANYWAY... my answer is a variation of B. I was inspired to write this ? from a string of calls i was getting the other day. by the forth time, i was so mad that i yelled "BLASTED PHONE!" to which my daughter replied "blast phone." I'm glad i said blasted and not something else!

Abigail S said...

~Michael~ Note to self- don't read notes from Michael while at work. It makes me laugh out loud and get strange looks from my kiddies. :-)

~Top Champ~ Thanks for the visit! Keep on comin' back for new Q's!

~Skittles~ Good one!

~Beckster~ That reminds me of a recent post by Crazy Working Mom. She was talking about something her daughter had picked up from adults and said.

Me... I'd pretend like the phone was breaking up, and I couldn't hear them. OK, not really. I just say I'm not interested, and try to be polite and back out of the call. I'm not confrontational.

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

Ignore the ringing phone for the rest of the night.

Mother of Invention said...

I either hang up or let them finish their intro and I'm not interested but thaks VERY much and then hang up! Then, I don't feel if I should care, eh?

Becky, Mom, Mommy, Hey you, said...

umm don't judge but I used to hand the phone to one of the kids and let them talk to the telemarketer.

Another perk of living telemarketers.....

Ahmed said...

I usually just interupt them and say I'm not interested or busy.

Becky L said...

becky, mom... Thats a hilarious answer! i should try that!!

Becky said...

i would just hang up and if they keep bothering me, scream really loud!!! lol thanks 4 the comment on my blog

Crazy Working Mom said...

I would hang up. We're on the DNC list, so we rarely get those calls anymore...AND our number is unlisted. Whew!

Payasoru said...

I go into paranoid mode: "Be very careful what you say. They listen in on my phone all the time. There did you hear that voice in the background? AND YOU YOU INTERFERING ....., Sorry, what were you saying?"
They usually hang up on you.