Saturday, March 24, 2007

Follow The Cheater

Anyone who ever went to elementary school knows that cheating is wrong. Whether it is cheating on a test or cheating at a game, it is WRONG! Me and you know this to be true.

Scenario: You're spending your Saturday socializing with some co-workers. A friendly game of monopoly is started.

In the midst of playing, you realize that your boss is cheating. He's dipping into the petty cash of monopoly money. Talk about a dilemma.

Do you:

1) Ignore it- you don't want to risk losing your job!

2) Confront him on it- cheating is WRONG!

3) Cheat yourself- two wrongs make a right?

4) Give me a creative answer


'liya said...

I'd probably cheat too... I'm a big cheat at Monopoly, especially when I'm losing - which is in most cases lol.

Toni said...

I would so NOT be socializing with my boss! Therefore, this must be a nightmare, when I wake up I will have a big mug of hot coffee.

Becky L said...

i love the title: "follow the cheater."

I'd like to say that i'd confront him. But that would never happen. The wimp in me would ignore it.

Skittles said...

#1. I wouldn't be caught dead playing Monopoly. If I'm winning, I feel guilty and if I'm losing it feels senseless to keep playing. :)

#2. I would tell him to knock it off. It's just a game after all?

Kevin said...

Oh, I'd totally call him on it. However, I don't know what your boss is like and what kind of "relationship" is there.

While I do have a boss, my work environment is somewhat different. We're all treated like colleagues, and there's no issue at all with disagreements or dissenting opinions.

So...that's what I'd do, because I know I can.

Mother of Invention said...

I'd say something humourous about the cheating so he could save face perhaps but I wouldn't just let it go.

Michael C said...

Tell him he is guilty of tax evasion and has to pay 70% of his net worth.

Becky, Mom, Mommy, Hey you, said...

I would take his game piece and send it straight to jail..not pass go,...not collect 200. I can't play hubs gets mad if he's losing...and he can't play to save his he's always losing...

We prefer trivial can't cheat..just make up answers..

Abigail S said...

~liya~ Does V know you're a cheater! ... at Monopoly, that is!

~toni~ That would be a nightmare for many of us!

~Becky~ Glad you like it!

~Skittles~ I, too, dislike Monopoly. I get frustrated w/ it.

~Kevin~ Sounds like a cool boss! Lucky, luchky!

~MOI! Sounds like a good way to go about it. A kind way, too.

~Michael! Yet again, you say something that makes me laugh so much, people look at me and think I'm possessed or something!

~becky, mom~ Definitely to jail! Like I said earlier, I dislike Monopoly. I just am not good at it. I end up quiting early in the game.

Erika said...

I'd so call him out. haha.

I love that it is a "He"