Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Very Problematic

I'm in the midst of a dilemma. Help me, help me!

I have financial "issues." Very sad, indeed.

I love teaching, and I love the school I teach at. I work at a private school... meaning I get private-school-salary... meaning I get paid jack squat. Truth be told, it's kind of hard to make ends meet. Actually, it's VERY hard to make ends meet. But don't cry for me (Argentina?)

So I have a part-time job. I work 2 days a week after school, and Saturdays. I love it, it's a great job. It's a woman's clothing store. What's not to like?! The other girls there are great- going to work is like going to have fun w/ friends.

"So why the problem," you ask. (Hey- this is my blog! I ask the questions here! ) The store is an hour away from my house. I don't mind the drive... Like I said, it's a fun job.

Or so I thought. I did the math the other night. I took my pay and subtracted the money I spend on gas and food (I have to stop by McD's on my way there). When I work after school, I make SEVEN DOLLARS!!! On a Saturday, I make $30.

So now I wonder, is the job really worth it? I'm getting paid nothing, and I'm racking up the mileage on my poor car, which has enough problems already. Oh... and I buy all these clothes that I don't need... So I've actually LOST hundreds of dollars while working there.

What should I do? Quit? Stay there cuz it's fun and I get a great employee discount? Help me!

Piggy bank made by Gary Rith.
I have decided to leave that job. It seems like the only logical thing to do! Thanks for your advice.
Sorry if I don't visit yalls blogs over the next few days... School is insanely busy right now! I was at school until half-past midnight tonight working on decorating my classroom... I'll explain soon in another post. I'll also post pictures.


Dixiechick said...

I would definitely consider the high price of gas, the wear and tear on your car... however, the discount on clothing may make up for it... LOL...

I use to work a part time job and strangly to say, I lost money too.

The purpose of a part time job it to add to your existing income.

By the way, I noticed you went to school in the south. Where did you go?

Thanks for stopping by. Love your blog by the way. Do you mind if I link you for future reads?

Abigail S said...

~dixiechick~ I went to college in Northeast Georgia, at Toccoa Falls College. It's a tiny Christian college... Feel free to link to me! I'll link to you, too!

Michael C said...

Unless someone drops a hybrid car in your lap (which of course at that point would make all of this moot), I would give up the part time job that is actually eating up far more than you are making...sorry, that's just my opinion.

gr said...

Michael is right--with the driving, and the work time, etc....when I was a teacher my wife and I made extra money in less formal settings (like by seling piggy banks) and baby sitting. I wonder if any parents at your school need a sitter? You don't have taxes taken out, presumably it would be close to home and flexible....

Becky L said...

abby, you should quit. then you'd have more weekends free to spend with me :-)

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Abigail. Thank you for visiting my blog. It's nice of Tisha (Crazy Working Mom) to recommend by blog. It's a pleasure to meet you through blogging. I'm sorry to hear about your situation. Since it is my first visit, I don't know if it is proper to give any advices but I do hope that you can weigh the pros and cons of staying in that job and decide from there. Wishing you the best. Hope everything works out for the best. Good luck.

Mother of Invention said...

You need to look for a part-time job closer and at the same time, keep applying in Public schools that pay more.

Good luck!

'liya said...

If you don't want to give up the part-time job because it's fun, how about something fun closer to home? Apply to clothing stores nearby in the meantime and see which one offers you the best discount before accepting :D

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

I would def. try to find a new part time job that's close to home, or at least close to the teaching job. You'll still keep in touch with "the girls" but the fact is, you are doing the work for the extra money and well, the money that you need just isn't there.

Abigail S said...

~everyone~ Thanks for your input. It seems like a no-brainer that I need to quit that job. I feel at peace about it now. I talked to my store manager... That was not fun!

Sorry I'm not responding to everyone personally... It's 2 in the morning!

LJP said...

I agree that you need to work closer to home. It doesn't sound feasible as it is.