Sunday, February 18, 2007

Halla Acha Boy!

While traversing the vast, almost never ending Bloggerdom, I have come across a diversity of blogs. Some are just GREAT! Maybe because of the topic, the blunt honesty, the humor, the friendly author who comments back to the readers, an artistic or poetic flare.

Some are just not so great... But we won't go there. I don't want to diss anyone. Every blog has its audience. It may not be the kind of thing I'm in to, but there are others who are.

Let's instead focus on the GREAT! Tell us about a blog that you LOVE! You can't get enough of it! Share, so we can go there, too!

Ground rules:

1) I'm NOT hinting for you to compliment me. If you visit me more than once and comment, then that tells me I'm doin' something ok. So, don't pick me. Pick someone else.

2) You CANNOT pick yourself! Pick someone else! (But a note to all- do check out each others blogs! They're awesome!) Also, try to stay away from family members. That's just like picking yourself!

3) You may only pick one blog!

4) You can comment under the "anonymous" name. I know some may not want others to think you are playing favorites and may be scared of hurting other people's feelings. Normally, I'd rather you not be anonymous, but this is one instance where I'd understand!

5) I'm not asking what your FAVORITE blog is... It's like picking a favorite movie. I love so many- I can't pick just one! So, just pick a unique one, one that makes you smile, laugh, cry happy tears, etc. Maybe one that isn't on my sidebar or who's been here before. We already know about them. We want to make new friends!

6) Tell us what you like about them. Why should we go there? How are they special? Advertise for them!

7) Have fun!

Sorry for all the rules and regulations! Feel free to break one or seven if you want to. (If you want to pick two blogs, then use two fake names, like Suzy and Mahershalahashbaz. And leave some time between the two. If we see Suzzy leaves one, and 5 seconds later, Mahershalahashbaz leaves one, we'll know you're cheating!) Be creative in your cheating!

PS... I just added an ***UPDATE*** to the previous post. Yall need to see it! It's horrible, tragic news, yet shows you that there is hope for humanity!


gr said...

This is sooooo difficult. I have at least a dozen I visit regularly, which are on the favorites list. I like ths one a great deal, becaus of the idea of asking a frendly question. It seems that many successful blogs work that way, they focus on one idea, such as yours with the question, or mine with the pots. I prefer clean and family friendly blogs, although they have to be funny. Political blogs are boring to me.
But I am copping out, and since I can't choose a favorite, I am choosing the one I added to my favorites this morning, when I went searching for tiki mugs. They do Friday guest cat blogs. It looks funny, and it looks clean:
BTW- Abigail, no USPS delivery Monday, preident's day.

Mother of Invention said...

I can't decide! They're all different so can't be rated. My sidebar is old and I haven't updated it...I love Old Lady from Eclectic Tales and Meno, since they talk about issues of women my age..OLD!

(I am enjoying yours! I'll add its link soon! BTW..this is written so like a teacher, it makes me smile! Have a good week with your little ones!)

'liya said...

I can't decide :S

I'll be back when I narrow it down!

Becky L said...

first of all, Abby i must tell you-- your zwinky is UGLY! that outfit is awful. [brown blazer w/ olive green stripes, and olive green skirt.] looks way too stingy.

anyway, one of my favorites is 'liya
She's actually the one who just commented before mine.

She updates frequently, which is great. and i like hearing about her teaching experiences. i went to college to be a teacher, but ended up having my daughter so i never got to teach yet.

Abigail S said...

~gr~ I checked that site. There are some prety cute cats there!

~mother of inv~ Those sites look cool! I'll be checking back on them often!

~liya~ you can cheat and pick more than one! (just do it sneakily)

~becky~ My Zwinky's suit is NOT ugly! It's my "I'm off to work at Dress Barn and I am forced to wear a suit" look... Oh, and look at the end of rule #5! Don't get me wrong. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE liya's blog (girl, you rock!). But I said give us someone new so we can make new friends! ... Again- liya is awesome!

I can dis Becky since she's my sister and all!

Michael C said...

Wow, that's tough. My fav blogs list gets longer daily it seems. There are a lot to read that are just plain funny. I really enjoy blogs with humor in them but will have to get back to you to list them. Great, great question though!

Becky L said...

abby- your zwinky is much nicer now. but mine is prettier

'liya said...

Awwww thanks Becky!!! I feel special now! Hehe you guys are great (and you both have great blogs too) :D

Here's a blog that always catches my attention:

Him (and his gf I think) always post such interesting things. Not necessarily discussion/funny stuff, but really unique and interesting facts/links to sites/photos.. hmm, not sure how to explain it, check it out!

Crazy Working Mom said...

Wow, this one is REALLY hard. I know a good one, though. I love her layout. She always posts awesome posts, and she's so sweet:
Heart of Rachel.

Anonymous said...

You don't know me...heh heh heh...
I have a good one for you:Coffee 2 Go.

Abigail S said...

Yall gave me lots of work to do! Thanks for the good blogs you mentioned.